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Innovative surface treatment for wear reduction on hot stamping tools (BFS 1117-14,TP3)

Project Status: finished


Hot stamping is an industrial-used method for manufacturing ultra-high strength structural parts. Complex shapes can be formed with less spring back than with cold stamping. Direct hot stamping combines forming and quenching in one step and unlike the indirect method a pre-reshaping of the blanks is not necessary. In order to avoid oxidation and decarburization during heating, the blanks are coated with an aluminum-silicon layer. As a side effect this conventionally used coating leads to adhesive wear on the tool surface. Additionally, the tools are highly thermo-mechanically stressed.   

The purpose of this research project is to increase the wear resistance locally by alloying the tool surface with a wire based laser alloying process. This method allows a modification of selected areas of conventional tool steel grades instead of using expensive materials. A numerical simulation is used in order to identify highly stressed tool areas. Afterwards, the wear behavior of unalloyed and alloyed tool surfaces is analyzed in experimental studies.


Investigation of the wear behavior along the die radius

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