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Identifikation and modelling of material characteristics for fe-simulation of sheet metal forming processes

Project Status: finished


The use of manufacturing challenging materials in the sheet metal component production is getting more and more important due to the increasing signification of lightweight construction concepts, especially at automotive engineering. To use this potential of material technology in its entirety, nowadays the finite element analysis (FEA) as established tool is used in the system development for the manufacture of such sheet metal components. Though to a great extent, the actual calculation quality highly depends on the level of input data like for instance the strain hardening behaviour or the tribological system. These data of material and tribology are largely unknown particularly with regard to the high strength and super high strength steel materials plus modern optimized aluminum alloys. The superior intent of this analysis project, which is worked on by scientists at university and industry research centers, is the evaluation and description of material behaviour, the identification of theoretic models as well as the included parameter to upgrade the already existing possibilities of process analysis and the system development with the help of FEA. Apart from the identification of material characteristics, the development of novel experimental, analytical and numerical strategies are in focus of research. To achieve this aim, background analysis is performed in interdisciplinary manner, which refer to the combined mechanic, material technological, metrological and deformation technical aspects of the problem. After the analytical phase, which cooperates with the industry research centers, the composition of new expertises follows with the objective, to develop workable experimental test assemblies as well as the respective associated theoretic substructure for schematical analysis. Thus the basis for revised test and analysis methods is provided which will be applied at both university and industry environment.



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