Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Component manufacturing for the painted car body II - hot forming and corrosion prevention

Type of Lecture: Elective Course

The lecture is held in: Winter Term

First Date: 22.10.2018
Last Date: 28.01.2019
Time: 15:00 until 18:00

Location: H17



Number of participants: 40 Students

Dates of the lectures: 22.10.2018, 12.11.2018, 03.12.2018, 14.01.2019

Dates of the AutoForm workshop: 11.12.2018, 13.12.2018

Excursion: 28.01.2019

Test: (Time and Place will be announced in the lecture)

The lecture is limited to 40 students. For the registration an e-mail to Andreas Jobst, M.Sc. with the name and the matriculation number is required. If there are questions concerning the lecture, please feel free to contact Mr. Andreas Jobst, M.Sc.

Lecture contents

The development of new high-tensile sheet steel for car body pressing requires an adaptation of the forming process. The lecture shows the background of hot forming and presents the process chain from the feasibility study till the manufacturing process. Amongst others the manufacturing technologies for prototype construction and serial production are represented. As ultimate stage of production treatments against oxidation of the car body and hot formed parts are exemplified. Terminal the prototype and serial production is shown live at an excursion to a supplier of hot formed serial parts.


AutoForm Workshop

An AutoformWorkshop, which is relevant for the exam, is integrated within the lecture. AutoForm is a conventional FEM programme known from sheet metal forming operations which is used in the automotive industry. Within the workhop the fundamental handling of the programme will be teached. Beneath the theoretical content of the workshop the students will simulate on their own.

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