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Manufacturing of tailored blanks by orbital forming and flexible rolling (DFG SFB/TR73 - A1/1)

Project Status: finished


The goal of the subproject A1 in the third funding period of the SFB-TR73 is the production of stress-adapted functional components with functional elements on both sides of the frame by means of proceeds of sheet-bulk metal forming using process-comprehensive process strategies. The latter enable a consistent analysis of the whole product development process starting at the forming process up to the behavior of functional components made of recyclable steel materials.

The targeted material pre-distribution which is required for the forming of functional elements is enabled due to the application of tailored blanks. These semi-finished products are manufactured by orbital forming and flexible rolling. The realisation of two-sided functional elements leads to new challenges regarding the axial, radial and tangential control of the material flow. In this context the interaction among two-sided form elements in relation to the position, type and design while the production of tailored blanks has to be analyzed. Furthermore it is pursued to form functional elements during the manufacturing of the tailored blanks which are near-net-shaped by a subsequently deep drawing and upsetting process.

For the targeted design of the components regarding the geometrical and mechanical properties, the fatigue strength has to be investigated. With these results and the information about the component requirements, it should be possible to select a customized process chain. The developed strategies are evaluated comparatively. The aim is a process window for manufacturing two-sided, process adapted tailored blanks for a subsequent forming process.


Approach for the third project phase in the subproject A1 of the SFB/TR73



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