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Fundamental investigation of cutting, forming and assembly injection moulding and their interdependence for manufacturing durable tight electronic systems - Phase 2

Project Status: finished


Due to the increasing number of electronic systems within vehicles and machines, there is a rising demand of tight sealed, robust electronic components. The encapsulation of shear cut metal inserts by means of assembly injection molding represents an economical process for manufacturing electronic components and connectors. So far, the only way to achieve tight sealing is by additional elaborate processing.

Main objective of the project is to reveal the potentials, limitations and correlations of the process steps cutting, forming and assembly injection molding in respect of a short and robust process chain. Therefore in cooperation with the Institute of Polymer Technology (LKT) each process stage will be investigated regarding mechanical, geometrical and process-related factors influencing the adhesion between insert and enclosing plastic as well as the crack initiation within the plastic.

Typical process chain for manufacturing plastic-metall hybrid parts, containing the process steps cutting, forming and assembly injection molding

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