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4. WGP Jahreskongress

Tagungsband des 4. WGP Jahreskongresses

Der 4. WGP Jahreskongress fand am 09./10. September 2014 in Erlangen statt. Einen Überblick der in 5 parallelen Sessions gehaltenne Präsentationen und Inhalte gibt der Tagungsband.


Gear Hobbing - Research Acitvities and State of the Art B. Karpuschewski, M. Beutner, M. Köchig and M. Wengler 3
Analysis and Visualisation of the Positioning Accuracy and Underlying Effects of Industrial Robots M. Ulrich, G. Lux and T. Piprek 15
Worker Information Systems Including Dynamic Visualisation: A Perspective for Minimising the Conflict of Objectives between a Resource-Efficient Use of Inspection Equipment and the Cognitive Load of the Worker M. Lušić, K. Schmutzer Braz, S. Wittmann, C. Fischer, R. Hornfeck and J. Franke 23
An Ultrasonic Non-Contact Handling Device from Quartz Glass for Middle and High Temperature Applications E. Locmelis 31
Spatial Programming for Industrial Robots: Efficient, Effective and User-Optimised through Natural Communication and Augmented Reality J. Lambrecht and J. Krüger 39
Structural Mechanics Process Simulation of Linear Coil Winding J. Bönig, B. Bickel, M. Ebenhöch, M. Spahr, C. Fischer and J. Franke 47
Cutting and Grinding
A Simulation Model for Analysis of Roll Tensioning of Circular Saw Blade U. Heisel, T. Stehle and H. Ghassemi 57
Advanced Machining Processes for CFRP Part Two I. Rieck and E. Uhlmann 67
Analogy Studies of the Effect of Finishing on the Tribological Running-In Behaviour of Engine Components Using the Example of the Cylinder Running Surface B. Karpuschewski, F. Welzel and K. Risse 75
Analysing Internal Material Loads in Manufacturing Processes S. Kuschel, J. Sölter and E. Brinksmeier 82
Analysis and Simulation of Surface Topographies in Grinding of Thermally Sprayed Coatings S. Rausch, T. Siebrecht, P. Kersting and D. Biermann 90
Analytical Model Approach for Tool Temperature Prediction in Broaching Nickel-Based Alloys S. Gierlings and M. Brockmann 98
Binderless-cBN as Cutting Material for Ultra-Precision Machining of Stainless Steel J. Polte, M. Polte, D. Lorenz, D. Oberschmidt, H. Sturm and E. Uhlmann 106
Dry and Residue-Free Cutting with High-Pressure CO2-Blasting M. Bilz and E. Uhlmann 114
Dry Ice Blasting as a Pre-Treatment Process for Electroplating E.M. Baira, M. Kretzschmar, R. Hollan, F. Heitmüller and E. Uhlmann 122
Enzymatic Degradation of Epoxy Resins: An Approach for the Recycling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers K. Moeser 130
Force Requirements in Shear Cutting of Metal-Polymer-Metal Composites D. Übelacker, J. Hohmann and P. Groche 136
Interaction of Load and Residual Stresses in Sintered 1.3344 High Speed Steel B. Denkena, T. Grove and H. Lucas 144
Investigations on Cryogenic Turning to Achieve Surface Hardening of Metastable Austenitic Steel AISI 347 P. Mayer, B. Kirsch and J.C. Aurich 152
Material Behaviour of Armco-Iron and AISI 4140 at High Speed Deformation during Machining F. Zanger and M. Gerstenmeyer 160
Micromachining of Silicon - Study on the Material Removal Mechanism M. Carrella and J.C. Aurich 166
Robot-Assisted Vibration Polishing of NiCo Retroreflector Moulds F. Elsner-Dörge, O. Riemer and E. Brinksmeier 174
Modelling of Tool Engagement and FEM-Simulation of Chip Formation for Drilling Processes M. Tiffe and D. Biermann 181
A New Approach for the Prediction of Surface and Subsurface Properties after Grinding S. Jermolajev and E. Brinksmeier 187
A New Method to Enhance the Accuracy of the Buckling Test Using Modified Yoshida Sample F. Han and M. Liewald 197
Adjusting of Roller Levellers by Finite Element Simulations Including a Closed-Loop Control M. Grüber, M. Oligschläger and G. Hirt 205
An Improvement of the Time Dependent Method Based on the Coefficient of Correlation for the Determination of the Forming Limit Curve M. Merklein, A. Kuppert and E. Affronti 213
Composite Hot Extrusion of Functional Elements M. Schwane, C. Dahnke, M. Haase, N. Ben Khalifa and A.E. Tekkaya 221
Considering Anisotropic Material Behaviour of Sheet Metals for Ductile Fracture Prediction A. Sabathil, I. Heinle, A. Lipp, J. Meinhardt and M. Merklein 227
Design of an Electromagnetic System to Avoid Horizontal Ram Displacement M. Gröne, V. Salfeld and R. Krimm 235
Development of a Pneumatic Bulge Test for High Temperatures and Controlled Strain Rates A. Braun, J. Storz, M. Bambach and G. Hirt 243
Effect of Surface Enlargement and of Viscosity of Lubricants on Friction Behaviour of Advanced High Strength Steel Material during Deep Drawing M. Singer and M. Liewald 251
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Dry Shearing of Aluminum 6082 F. Steinbach, L. Chen, A. Güner and A.E. Tekkaya 259
Influence of Manufacturing Process on the Fatigue Strength of Gears A. Reiß and U. Engel 267
Decrease of Springback by Geometrical Modification of the Sheet Metal Part A. Weinschenk and W. Volk 275
Process Chains for Fibre Metal Laminates R. Neugebauer, V. Kräusel and A. Graf 283
Reproducibility of Wear Tests and the Effect of Load on Tool Life in Sheet Metal Forming M. Christiany and P. Groche 291
Bending of Tailored Blanks Using Elastic Tools A. Weinrich, C. Becker, F. Maevus, S. Chatti and A.E. Tekkaya 299
Smart FE-Based Tool Design in Cold Forging K. Andreas, C. Kiener, U. Engel and M. Merklein 307
Wear Analysis of Tool Surfaces Structured by Machine Hammer Peening for Foil-Free Forming of Stainless Steel F. Klocke, D. Trauth, M. Terhorst and P. Mattfeld 315
Numerical Approach to Determine Natural Strain of Spherical Preforms in Open Die Upsetting H. Brüning and F. Vollertsen 323
A Novel Tool Design Strategy for Electromagnetic Forming R. Neugebauer, V. Psyk and C. Scheffler 331
Wear Prediction for Hot Forging Dies under Consideration of Structure Modification in the Surface Layer A. Klassen, A. Bouguecha and B.A. Behrens 339
Adaptive Friction Bearing for Reduction of Stick-Slip Effects T. Engel, A. Lechler and A. Verl 349
Avoiding Collision Damage of Motor Spindles through an Innovative Overload Protection System M. Berger and D. Korff 355
Determination of the Technical Energy Flexibility of Production Systems R.S.H. Popp and M.F. Zaeh 363
Evaluating Mobile Machine Tool Dynamics by Substructure Synthesis M. Law, H. Rentzsch and S. Ihlenfeldt 371
FE-Simulation for a Safe Design of Machine Tool Safety Guards F. Meister and E. Uhlmann 379
Integration of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Structures in Machine Tools Using the Example of a Swivel Arm A. Bretz, A. Landmann and R. Rost 385
Methodology for the Efficient Analysis of Thermal and Thermo-Elastic Behaviour of Machine Tools K. Großmann, A. Galant, M. Merx and M. Riedel 393
Methods to Design the Adjustment of Parameters for Thermal Machine-Tool Models B. Kauschinger and S. Schroeder 401
Modular Control Integrated Correction of Thermoelastic Errors of Machine Tools Based on the Thermoelastic Functional Chain X. Thiem, K. Großmann and A. Mühl 409
Parameter Identification of NC-Axes during Regular Operation of a Machine Tool A. Hellmich, K. Hipp, H. Schlegel and R. Neugebauer 417
Square Foot Manufacturing - Concept and Design of an Electrorheological Inchworm Feed Drive A. Breitfeld, H. Freyer and P. Conflant 425
The Printed Machine Tool for Micro Machining C. Batke, K.H. Wurst, A. Lechler and A. Verl 431
3D Printing of Inorganic Sand Moulds for Casting Applications R. Ramakrishnan, B. Griebel, W. Volk, D. Günther and J. Günther 439
A Robust Algorithm for Autotuning Controllers in Mechatronic Modules C. Friedrich, A. Stanicki, M. Bröcker, A. Lechler and A. Verl 448
An Approach towards Improving the Robustness of Production Systems N. Stricker and G. Lanza 459
Approach to Assess and Compare the Performances of Production Structures G. Schuh, T. Potente, C. Thomas, T. Nuyken, C. Hausberg and S. Dany 467
Cognitive Self-Optimization for Quality Control Loops – Potentials and Future Challenges in Research R. Schmitt, E. Permin and M. Fuhrmann 475
Identification and Improvement of Communication in Factories S. Tschöpe and C. Reinema 483
Dimensional In Situ Shape and Surface Inspection of Metallic Micro Components in Micro Bulk Manufacturing D. Weimer, S. Huferath von Luepke, A. Tausendfreund, R.B. Bergmann, G. Goch and B. Scholz-Reiter 491
Energy KPI’s, Challenges for Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies, Analysis of Existing Rules and Indicators in an Industrial Environment in Relation to the Establishment of Energy Benchmark S. Kreitlein, T. Rackow and J. Franke 499
Lean Production Systems in the Context of Social Trends: Job Satisfaction the Key Factor to Success T. Stock 507
Learning Factories for Sustainable Manufacturing - A Generic Design Approach R. Helm, C. Reise and D. Rößle 515
Mechanical Properties of Large Three-Dimensional Specimens Build through Direct Powder Deposition P. Khazan, M. Stroth, H. Freiße and H. Köhler 523
Model Based Optimization of Forging Process Chains under the Consideration of Penalty Functions M. Dannenberg, A. Georgiadis and B.A. Behrens 531
Model-Based Development Process of Cybertronic Products and Production Systems H. Meissner, M. Cadet, N. Stephan and C. Bohr 537
Reference Model for the Description of Digital Engineering Tools Based on Mechatronic Principles and Concepts B. Drescher and G. Reinhart 545
Scenario-Based Determination of Alternative Product Architecture Designs G. Schuh, M. Schiffer and C. Ortlieb 553
Product-Quality Based Scheduling of Automated Food Processing M. Wagner, T. Schleimer, T. Seeberger and G. Reinhart 561
Scientific Management 2.0 – A Design Model for Experimental Research in G. Schuh, T. Gartzen and F. Basse 569
Simulation-Based Sequencing Algorithm for MRO Operations of Train Couplings A. Georgiadis 578
Target-Based Evaluation of Disturbances in Production Systems K. Knüppel and I. Nikitin 586
An Analytical Model Describing the Lateness Distribution of Storage Processes M. Grigutsch, J. Nywlt and S. Bertsch 594
An Approach to Analyse the Volume Flexibility of Production Systems J. Busch, M. Görke and D. Krämer 602


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