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3. WGP Jahreskongress

Tagungsband des 3. WGP Jahreskongresses

Der 3. WGP Jahreskongress fand am 22./23. July 2013 in Erlangen statt. Einen Überblick der in 5 parallelen Sessions gehaltenne Präsentationen und Inhalte gibt der Tagungsband.


Handling and Fixation of Permanent Magnets J. Tremel, B. Hofmann and F. Risch 3
Design of assembly systems for large-scale battery cells J. Kurfer 11
An Integrated Simulation Approach to the Development of Assembly System Components P. Paryanto, J. Merhof, M. Brossog and C. Fischer 19
Numerical Analysis of the Manufacturing Impact on Magnetic Stray Fields at Electromagnetic Actuators M. Brela and H. Gebhardt 27
Development of a self-learning, automatic parameterisation of an aerodynamic part feeding system J. Busch and K. Knüppel 34
Planning and Simulation of High-Voltage Energy Storage Assembly for Automotive Industry from Scalable Product Concepts via Assembly Planning and Material Flow Simulation through to Web-Based Assembly Information J. Bönig 42
Cutting and Grinding
Micromachining of cp-titanium on a desktop machine - Study on bottom surface quality in micro end milling I.G. Reichenbach and M. Bohley 53
Influence of solid contaminants in metal working fluids on the grinding process B. Beekhuis 61
A High Resolution Surface Model for the Simulation of Honing Processes R. Joliet and M. Kansteiner 69
Waterjet Turning of Titanium Alloys K. Flögel and F. Faltin 77
A new method for the preparation of cutting edges via grinding C. Effgen and B. Kirsch 85
Hot Machining: Utilisation of the Forging Heat for Efficient Turning at Elevated Temperatures F. Egorov 93
Numerical Investigations on Cutting of Dual-Phase Sheet Steel with an Emphasis on Material Damage at the Cut Edge I. Peshekhodov and M. Schneider 101
Quantitative Microstructural Analysis of Nanocrystalline Surface Layer Induced by a Modified Cutting Process V. Schulze, F. Zanger and F. Ambrosy 109
Cutting of Nickel-based Superalloys with Rotating Indexable Inserts F. Kaulfersch and M. Roeder 116
Polishing Process of Ceramic Tiles Variation of Contact Pressure A. Olenburg, M.R. Salati, F. Sant´Ana and F. Sousa 124
Low Frequency Vibration Assisted Drilling of Lightweight Materials O. Pecat and I. Meyer 131
Analytical Modelling of Temperature Distribution Using Potential Theory by Reference to Broaching of Nickel-Based Alloys S. Gierlings and M. Brockmann 139
Deburring of Cross Holes Using Industrial Robots M. Pischan 147
Investigations on Orbital Forming of Sheet Metals to Manufacture Tailored Blanks with a Defined Sheet Thickness Variation R. Plettke and S. Opel 157
Influence of Material Model Parameters on the Prediction of Bending Loads in Sheet Metal Forming Simulation S. Hönle 165
Process Window for Forming of Micro Preforms at Different Temperatures H. Brüning, M. Jahn and A. Schmidt 173
Geometrical variations of tubes and their impact on freeform bending processes P. Vatter and R. Plettke 181
Formability of an Anti-Fingerprint Coating Considering the Corrosion Behavior of the Stainless Steel Substrate C.M. Gaebel 189
Investigation of the Beginning of Plastic Yielding and the Hardening Behaviour under Biaxial Tension S. Suttner and A. Kuppert 197
Continuum Damage Mechanics (CDM) Based Local Approach to the Sheet-Bulk Metal Formability Prediction K. Isik and C. Soyarslan 205
Electromagnetic Material Feeder for High Speed Rates S. Teichrib and R. Krimm 213
Thermal Influences on Deep Drawing Process of Ferritic and Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steels P. Schmid 221
Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming of Symmetric and Asymmetric Parts V. Salfeld, R. Krimm, M. Vucetic, S. Hübner and T. Matthias 229
Properties of Friction Stir Welded Blanks Made from DC04 Mild Steel and Aluminum AA6016 A. Göttmann, C. Mertin, L. Mosecker, A. Naumov and M. Bambach 237
Coating of Deep Rolled and Hammer Peened Deep Drawing Tools M. Steitz, K. Weigel, M. Weber, J. Scheil and C. Müller 245
Model-Based On-Line Compensation of Path Deviations for Milling Robots O. Roesch 255
Using Chatter Vibrations in Milling to Create Tribo-Functional Surfaces for Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming Tools R. Hense 263
Integrated diagnostic and preload control for ball screw drives by means of self-sensing actuators C. Ehrmann and S. Herder 271
Approach to forecast energy consumption of machine tools within the design phase K. Doreth, J. Henjes and S. Kroening 278
Potential and challenges of combined roller and plain bearings for servo presses M. Scheitza, S. Schmitt and S. Emde 285
Theory of small machine tools: A framework approach to machine development B. Röhlig 293
Technology selection for electric drive production with a game theoretic approach G. Lanza, J. Stoll and S. Gerbe
Competence-Based Communication Design in Factories C. Reinema and J. Luebkemann 311
Linked Energy Systems for Production Sites of the Future M. Beck and T. Sielaff 319
T. Potente, R. Varandani and J. Prote 327
Technology Maturity Assessment of Carbon Composite Components C.W.P. Fischbach 335
VR enhanced scenario technique supporting the early phases of factory planning C. Weidig and N. Menck 343
Identification of production rhythms in synchronised assembly lines by recording and evaluating current processing times M. Glonegger, W. Ottmann, M. Schadl and D. Distel 350
Productivity Increase through Industrialization of Overhead in Cyber-Physical Production Systems T. Potente, T. Jasinski and B. Wolff 359
Order Penetration Point: Just a Stock within Production? J. Nywlt and M. Grigutsch 367


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