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2. WGP Jahreskongress

Tagungsband des 2. WGP Jahreskongresses

Der 2. WGP Jahreskongress fand am 27./28. Juni 2012 in Berling statt. Einen Überblick der gehaltenne Präsentationen und Inhalte gibt der Tagungsband.


R. Neugebauer, C. Hochmuth and R. Schneider

Light Weight Construction
Accumulative Roll Bonding: Forming Behavior, Tailored Properties and Upscaling Approach M. Merklein and W. Böhm 3
Full Exploitation of Lightweight Design Potentials by Generating Pronounced Compressive Residual Stress Fields with Hydraulic Autofrettage H. Brünnet and D. Bähre 17
Tailored Strips by Welding, Strip Profile Rolling and Twin Roll Casting M. Daamen, D. Dávalos Julca and G. Hirt 29
Bulletproof and Noise-Reducing Guards in Lightweight Design for Woodworking Machines U. Heisel and V. Forcillo 41
Modeling and Simulation of the Machining of Unidirectional CFRP O. Pecat, R. Rentsch, M. Garbrecht and E. Brinksmeier 55
CVD Coated Diamond Tools for the Machining of Lightweight Materials E. Uhlmann and F. Sammler 63
Investigation of the Capability of Flux of Force Oriented Lattice Structures for Lightweight Design S. Teufelhart 75
CFRP-Aluminium Structures Realized by Laser Beam Joining Process V. Wottschel and F. Vollertsen 89
Medical and Micro Technology
Total Flexibility in Forming Technology by Servo Presses J. Avemann, S. Calmano, S. Schmitt and P. Groche 99
Towards Mass Production of Smart Products by Forming Technologies M. Brenneis, M. Ibis, A. Duschka and P. Groche 113
Highly Flexible Final Production Stages - Taking Advantages of Scale Effects by Reducing Internal Component Variants M. Grigutsch, J. Nywlt, M. Schmidt and P. Nyhuis 127
Improving Efficiency in Robot Assisted Belt Grinding of High Performance Materials E. Uhlmann and F. Heitmüller 139
The Suitability of Analytical and Numerical Methods for Developing Clinching Processes with Thick Sheet Metal M. Israel 151
Aerodynamic Part Feeding Technology - Flexible High-Speed Part Provision for Mass Production K. Knüppel and P. Nyhuis 165
Analysis of Socio-Technical Structures in Order to Increase the Changeability of Producing Companies A. Kampker, P. Burggräf, T. Gartzen, A. Maue and D. Czarlay 181
Increasing Commonalities by Designing Production-Oriented Modular Product Platforms G. Schuh, S. Rudolf, J. Arnoscht and B. Lüdtke 197
Microstructuring of Surfaces for Bio-Medical Applications E. Brinksmeier, O. Riemer, L. Schönemann, H. Zheng and F. Böhmermann 213
Design, Development and Realisation of an Active Driven Knee-Prosthesis with Bevel Helical Gearbox B. Budaker and A. Verl 225
Development of a Manufacturing Process of Temporal Bone Surgery Models Using Rapid Prototyping B. Karpuschewski, J. Döring, M. Scheffler, G. Dietze, U. Vorwerk, C. Hahne and F. Klink 241
Production of Patient-Individual Hip Cups by Sheet Metal Forming: Simulation-Based Planning and Metal Forming Adapted Design Method B.A. Behrens, S. Betancur Escobar, A. Almohallami, N. Weigel, M. Vucetic, C. Stukenborg-Colsmann, M. Lerch, I. Nolte, K. Lucas, P. Wefstaedt and A. Bouguecha 253
Process Combination for the Manufacturing of Deep Holes with Small Diameters M. Kirschner, M. Heilmann and D. Biermann 265
Machine Integrated Measurement of Ultra Precision Machined Specular Non-Rotational Symmetrical Surfaces E. Uhlmann, G. Häusler, C. Röttinger, E. Olesch, C. Faber and M. Kurz 277
Work Space Surveillance of a Robot Assistance System Using a ToF Camera C. Ramer and J. Franke 291
Application of CAD/CAM and Micro End Mills with 20 to 120 μm Diameter for the Direct Machining of Microstructures in PMMA I.G. Reichenbach and J.C. Aurich 299
Failure Mode Based Design and Optimization of the Electrode Packaging Process for Large Scale Battery Cells J. Schmitt and A. Raatz 309
Flexible Automation for the Production of Stators and Rotors of Electric Vehicles F. Risch, J. Tremel, T. Klier and J. Franke 321
Contribution of Body Lightweight Design to the Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles G. Schuh, K. Korthals and J. Arnoscht 329
Potentials of Pulse Magnetic Forming and Joining E. Uhlmann, L. Prasol and A. Ziefle 349
Integrated Product and Process Model for Production System Design and Quality Assurance for EV Battery Cells G. Reinhart, J. Kurfer, M. Westermeier and T. Zeilinger 365
Strategic Fit: Overview of Cost, Quality and Scalability Impact on the Added Value Network in Electric Engine Production A. Kampker, P. Burggräf and C. Nee 379
Scenario-Based Development of Disassembly Systems for Automotive Lithium Ion Battery Systems C. Herrmann, A. Raatz, S. Andrew and J. Schmitt 391
Ressource Efficiency
Simulation and Prediction of Process-Related Power Consumption of Machine Tools U. Heisel and S. Braun 405
The Ecological Footprint on Product Level in Machining – From the Conceptional Methodology to the Industrial Application F. Klocke, B. Döbbeler, M. Binder and D. Lung 417
Development of a Numerical Method for Prediction of Wear on Shear Cutting Tools M. Liewald, M. Gall and R. Hank 427
Wear Protection of Deep Drawing Tools by Systematic Optimization of Highly Stressed Surfaces F. Klocke, D. Heinen, F. Schongen, K. Arntz, Y. Liu, V. Bäcker and B. Feldhaus 439
Factory Carbon Footprint Design A. Kampker, P. Burggräf, T. Welter, S. Kamp and J. Thul 455
Grinding of Riblet Structures on Free Formed Compressor Blades B. Denkena, J. Köhler and T. Krawczyk 463
Lifecycle Oriented Assessment of Resource Efficiency in the Commercial Vehicle Industry R.C. Malak, M. Adam, S. Waltemode and J.C. Aurich 475
Adaptronic Form Honing – Manufacturing Methods for Compensating Cylinder Bore Distortions R. Neugebauer, C. Hochmuth and R. Schneider 489

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