Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Direct laser beam sintering of metal powder process model, system technology, properties of laser beam sintered metal parts

Datum: 04.11.1998



  • Prof. Dr.-Ing.Dr.h.c. M. Geiger
  • Prof. ern. Ir. J.A.G. Kals, Eindhoven

Direct laser beam sintering of metal powder (DMLS) is a Rapid Prototyping process which holds a key position. It is capable of manufacturing prototype parts as well as prototype tools in a single operation process. For the qualified and controlled application, the process must be understood fundamentally to a higher extend. In order to achieve this, a 3D process model has been developed in the framework of this research. Further investigations concentrated on the quantitative and qualitative description of the influences of process determining parameters. Finally, a process adapted system technology was developed to reduce residual stresses during laser beam sintering. The examined parameters in combination with the possibility to qualitatively predict them by means of the developed process model enable the user to adjust the properties of the laser beam sintered parts adapted to their desired overall characteristics. This was shown by three selected practical examples in an exemplary way. 8 Mitarbeit in Universitätsgremien und außeruniversitären Organisationen Cooperation in University Commitees and Non-University Organizations Folgenden Eintrag bitte herausnehmen, da in diesem Jahr nicht mehr aktiv mitgewirkt Ir. A. Coremans: Working group "CIRP-Cooperative Research with STC-E"