Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Closed Loop Controlled Micro-Processing with Laser Radiation

Project Status: finished

The laser beam micro welding turns out recently to be the standard joining technique for the electrical and mechanical connections in the high power and automotive electronics. However, the great thermal conductivity, high reflection and the fluctuation of absorption on the surface of typical electronic materials such as copper and copper alloys lead to reduction of the process windows during the welding and thus to an unreliable process. In order to provide a reliable industrial solution for the beam micro joining, all influencing factors must be kept constant or their variations have to be detected, so that their negative influences on the welding results are eliminated due to a process control. The detection of process factors deviations and their application to a process control are investigated through the analysis of process emissions here: determining of the time moments for the optimal pulse power modulation that is customized on the joining configuration to reduce the welding spatters in spot welding of copper and copper alloys



    • Degner, J.; Herrmann, J.; Junker, F.; Berendt, E.; Merklein, M.:
      Leichtbauwerkstoffe für den modernen Automobilbau.
      Zeitschrift Konstruktion 3(2018), pp. 50-54

    Letztes Update: 01.01.2010