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Ultrasonic-assisted forming and caulking within the joint research project “UltraCaulk” – development of the fundamentals and the simulation model

Project Status: finished


The aim of the BMBF-funded joint research project “UltraCaulk” is the development of a hybrid manufacturing process for the ultrasonic-assisted forming of materials which are difficult to deform, such as high strength steels. The superimposed oscillation enables a considerable reduction of the required forming forces and an extension of the process capabilities. The sub-project “development of the fundamentals and the simulation model” is dealing with investigation on the underlying mechanisms. In this context, compression tests are carried out to characterise selected steel and aluminium materials with and without superimposed ultrasonic vibration. Preliminary tests with S235JR steel, 15 kHz oscillation frequency and 10 µm amplitude already show an oscillation induced force reduction by approximately 35 %.




Ultrasonic-assisted compression: basic principle (a) and force reduction during ultrasonic-assistance (b)

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