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Individualized forming tools by additive manufacturing

Project Status: finished


Cold forging tools like punches and dies are cost-intensive means of production. By producing those parts, high tolerances must be maintained and a process chain with many single steps (e.g. milling, hardening, polishing) are necessary. At the same time those tools just can be used to produce one geometry, because the form of the tool sets the form of produced part. Therefore forging processes were usually used in high or medium production volumes, so the investment costs have just a small effect on the parts price.

By taking the costumers requirements more into consideration, the product changeover cycles were reduced. Within this project an approach for manufacturing individualized forging tools will be developed. This new type of tools should be made out of additive manufactured elements that can be inserted in a base body. For small quantities of parts, those elements can be reproduced quickly in various geometries for low costs. For this purpose a new tool concept must be developed that allows an easy exchange by maintaining high tolerances. Simultaneous a further development of the process of Laser Beam Melting is needed to produce inserts with suitable materials that fulfil the surface requirements and mechanical strains of the forming process. The construction of the modular base body and the inserts will be based on Finite Element Simulation. The replaceable inserts enable the change of the minor geometry. Therefor inserts for punches and dies will be produced and validated by experiments. Based on these trail tools an investigation for the new tool concept will be done. The dimensional accuracy and the surface properties will be compared to conventional produced tools.


Process chain for the additive manufacturing of a formiing tool by selective Laser Melting









Process chain for additive manufacturing of a forming tool by Selective Laser Beam Melting


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