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Hot stamping of devices with local tailored mechanical properties

Project Status: finished


The increasing demand for lightweight production and increasing safety requirements are enforcing the research work on innovative technologies like hot stamping. The non-isothermal hot stamping process is a combination of forming and hardening of quenchable steels in one process step. Due to forming at elevated temperatures higher forming limits can be achieved whereas the controlled cooling strategy yields in higher strength precipitated by martensitic phase transformation. The typical application for this purpose are crash relevant structural components (e.g. B-pillar, side impact protection, etc.) made of the commonly used boron-manganese steel. Within the scope of the transfer project of the German research unit FOR 552, founded by the DFG, a methodology for functional optimized structural devices realized by hot stamping has to be developed. In the first step the focus is on the identification of process relevant possibilities to control the transformation kinetics of the ultra high strength steel 22MnB5, i.e. by the cooling conditions. The results are essential for the development of a FE-based process control strategy to be capable to manufacture components with local tailored mechanical properties. Furthermore the developed process control strategy will be validated with a tool specifically designed for this application.

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