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Forming within the reserarch project ISAR – Innovative spinforming process for high strenght aluminium alloys with friction stir welding

Project Status: finished


Within the research project ISAR the objective of the research work in subproject TP3 is to investigate the forming technology aspects in a process chain for manufacturing lightweight structural components out of high-strength, heat treatable aluminium alloys. A cost and weight reduction compared to conventional manufacturing processes is aspired by using tailored friction stir welded sheets. To enhance the forming limits of friction stir welded plates and sheets, the hardened weld seam material is brought to homogeneous strength by a tailored heat treatment procedure. Because of the reduced formability of high strength alloys, a two-stage warm forming process was investigated. Furthermore, demonstrator parts have been manufactured with different strategies and finally analyzed. In future, the final part properties will be optimized regarding maximum strength and ductility.

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Letztes Update: 05.03.2014