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Influence of the variation of material properties on the formability of steel grades

Project Status: finished


The institute INI.FAU, which has been founded in 2006 by the Friedrich-Alexander-University in cooperation with the AUDI AG, provides the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with practi-cal application within a research project. At the chair of Forming Technology the project .Influence of the variation of material properties on the formability of steel grades. was initialized in cooperation with the tool manufacture department of the Audi AG in Ingolstadt in February 2008. The forming process of car body components is previously designed in numerical simula-tion. Due to the increasing complexity of the applied parts the process latitude is strongly restricted. Therefore variations of the mate-rial properties lead to rejections as a result of defects occurring in the serial process. The objective of the project is to design ro-bust processes by considering the variation of material properties and consequently re-duce the rate of rejections.

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