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Effective stochastic simulation in bulk metal forming for time, cost and quality optimization

Project Status: finished


In cold forging tool life is limited in most cases by fatigue and characterized by distinct scatter depending on the scatter of the process parameters. This fact is also obstructing the production of net shape parts. Therefore it is reasonable to predict the tool life and workpiece accuracy already in the period of laying out the process. Intention of the project is to support small and medium enterprises to predict the effects of scattering process parameters using the stochastic simulation. Especially in view of new materials and complex parts the existing know-how is not sufficient to lay out the process with the requested precision and robustness. The stochastic simulation offers the possibility to predict the effects of scattering process parameters for the purpose of optimising the tool-design and the forming process. In order to provide the methodology to the end-user a software program with a user-friendly graphical interface was developed. It facilitates the utilization of the stochastic simulation without the need of fundamental mathematical or statistical background knowledge. Furthermore the software is being improved by the results of industrial application.

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