Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Time efficient laser micro adjustment

Project Status: finished


Due to the continued strive towards miniaturization in manufacturing of micro-optical and micro-electromechanical systems an increasing demand concerning methods for accurate positioning of smallest functional components can be observed. It has proven to be most time and cost efficient to initially assemble the components with widened tolerances before precisely micro-adjusting them in a second step. The challenge of this project is the development of a contact-free, laser-based adjustment method allowing high-precision adjustment of micro-mechanical actuators. Unlike the already established process of laser forming based on the Thermal-Gradient-Mechanism the new laser adjustment method does not depend on thermal effects but on selective laser ablation of pre-stressed layers. Using ultrashort laser pulses a prestressed surface layer is selectively weakened or ablated. This significantly alters the stress conditions inside the initially prestressed actuator leading to an accurately defined partial relaxation. During the first year of the project, extensive studies have been performed using femtosecond laser sources. First promising results reveal that the new, non-thermal adjustment process will be less time consuming and significantly more accurate than thermally induced laser bending. Micro-system-technology offers great potential for application of this novel adjust-ment technique.

Letztes Update: 01.01.2010