Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Rapid Sheet Metal Product Development Chain by Laser Sintered Prototype Tools

Project Status: finished


To realise a significant reduction of the time and costs caused during the development of sheet metal formed parts, was the aim of a project founded by the European Community. The investigations were realised together with project-partners in Belgium KU Leuven, Slovenia TECOS and Hungary Bay Zoltán Institute, Dexter and dealt with the application of laser sintered prototyping deep-drawing tools, inserts and dies for the rapid production of prototypes. One major point of these investigations can be found in an improved process control with respect to the demands of the deep drawing process. Besides the enhancement of the dimensional accuracy and the strength, investigations regarding the use of steel powders were carried out. The sintered tools were compared to a conventionally manufactured reference tool by forming tests, to compose a set of guidelines that describe the conditions for the implementation of the investigated rapid product development chain in an industrial environment. The forming of 100 or more parts was achievable. To support the CAD-design process, a knowledge base was created, that validates the possible use of sintered prototype tools, based on the technological and economic knowledge gained in this project.



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    Letztes Update: 29.04.2010