Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Development of Ceramic Coatings by Pyrolysis, especially Laser Pyrolysis of Organo-Metallic Polymers

Project Status: finished


The laser pyrolysis of polysilazane represents a new technology for the generation of ce-ramic-like structures. With a writing laser system a applied precursor layer is pyrolysed se-lectively. Afterwards the unexposed areas of the coating are removed by dissolving them in a solvent. The result is a raised and adherent ceramic-like structure. To utilize the structure a function has to be generated by filling the precursor with a suitable powder. By this way electrical, magnetic or chemical structure functions could be created. Because of their ce-ramic nature the functionalized structures could be used for the development of high-temperature stabile controlling and sensor elements, e.g. for applications in combustion en-gines and gears. Due to the flexibility of the laser tool any complexly shaped substrates could be provide with ceramic structures. This leads to a optimal utilization of the workspace. Further on it has to be investigated if the laser pyrolysis is also a suitable method for the generation of three-dimensional micro structures.

Letztes Update: 27.04.2010