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Contribution to an efficient FE-based design of magnesium sheet metal parts

Project Status: finished


This fundamental research project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) comprises the numerical analysis of the plastic material behavior of magnesium alloys with the help of implementation, enhancement and experimental validation of an efficient constitutive model.

Thus, the numerical design and analysis of magnesium sheet metal parts from the magnesium alloy AZ31 is significantly improved. Fundament of this project is the use and enhancement of existing test methods for the characterization of magnesium alloys at room temperature and elevated temperatures developed at LFT. An exact parameter identification for a fundamental understanding of the complex material behavior of magnesium alloys is used to the calibration of an isothermal numerical model at room temperature and at 200 °C. The characteristic of the material behavior, the anisotropic behavior and the tension-compression-asymmetry, is considered with the identification of a complex material model for the numerical simulation.

The evaluation of the identified plasticity model's efficiency results from the validation of the numerical model on an experimentally drawn demonstrator part.




Research Groups



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