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Ultrasonic-assisted forming and caulking within the joint research project “UltraCaulk” – development of the fundamentals and the simulation model

Project Status: finished


Objective of the research project "UltraCaulk" was the development of a hybrid manufacturing process for the ultrasonic-assisted forming of difficult-to-deform materials, such as high strength steel. The superimposed oscillation enables a considerable reduction of the required forces and therefore the workpiece loading. The sub-project "development of the fundamentals and the simulation model" was mainly concerned with the identification of relevant process parameters and potential causes for the force reduction occurring during ultrasonic-assisted compression testing with different metallic materials. For stainless steel X17CrNi16-2 an amplitude dependent force reduction of up to 43 % is generated, which could be traced back to thermal and microstructural influences.

Force reduction and specimen heating during ultrasonic-assisted (US) compression testing

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