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MEGaFIT - Manufacturing Error-free Goods at First Time

Project Status: finished


The aim within this EU-project, in cooperation with 16 international partners from both research and industry, is the zero-defect-manufacturing of complex high-precision metal parts by real time adaptive process control. The adopted method is based on development and integration of in-depth process knowledge, as well as in-line measurement and real-time adaptive process control. Two different production technologies are studied exemplarily: additive manufacturing and multi-step microforming. The research activity within this project of the Institute of Manufacturing Technology focusses on the design as well as on simulative and experimental study of a microcoining process, which is part of the multi-step microforming. The analysis of the experiments, together with the development and validation of the simulation model, leads to the identification of the critical parameters which can be adjusted by the control system in mass production.

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