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Manufacturing of ultrafine grained, tailored heat treated aluminum sheet metal by repeated rolling for the application in automotive engineering

Project Status: finished


Goal of the project is the development and production of nanocrystalline aluminum sheet metals by Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB) for automotive applications. In combination with a local heat treatment these ARB processed sheet metals show a great potential for strengthening and an increased formability. First, the upscaling of the ARB process is necessary and the process robustness has to be increased. In cooperation with the Institute of General Materials Properties (WW1), therefore, two different rolling mills with a maximum sheet width of 250 mm and 450 mm were compared with the rolling mill of 100 mm sheet width, which was used under laboratory conditions. The transferability of the ARB process was assured for the alloy AA1050. In the next step, the production of multilayered ARB sheet metal of a high strength aluminum alloy of the 6xxx-series, which is relevant for the automotive series production, will be focused.

JB 2013 Transfer ARB

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