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Flexible additive manufacturing of process-adapted metal assemblies with sheet-body materials

Project Status: finished


The goal of the project within the Collaborative Research Center 814 is to gain fundamental knowledge for the production of large scaled parts out of deep drawn sheet metal followed by additionally additive manufactured components on the sheet metal. A new innovative process chain which combines the high geometrical flexibility of the additive manufacturing with the fast and highly economic sheet metal forming will be developed. For the characterization of the Ti-6Al-4V composite part consisting of sheet metal and additive structure as a first step, both the material behavior of the sheet metal without additive elements as well as the additive structure on unformed sheet metal have to be tested. This is required to understand fundamental characteristics of both manufacturing steps. In a second step the mechanical properties of the composite part have to be tested. The sheet metal forming of Ti-6Al-4V followed by the manufacturing of additive structures is subject of ongoing research.



Research Groups



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