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Tailored Heat Treated Blanks of fast hardening aluminium alloys

Project Status: finished


In light of increasing oil prices and climate changes the application of process optimized blanks of fast hardenable aluminum alloys, so called Tailored Heat Treated Blanks (THTB), become more and more attractive for applications of car body parts. In this context the project ME 2043/15-1 funded by the DFG aims at the local strengthening of alloys close to serial production by a short-term heat treatment shortly before. The main influencing parameters of the heat treatment on the strengthening of the 6xxx-series aluminum alloys are identified with a conductive heating station. A a process window for the heat treatment is developed out and thermodynamic, material specific mecha-nisms are confirmed using a transmission electron microscope. On the base of these results temperature dependent material models are evolved. In order to optimize the design of the properties distribution of THTB over the sheet plane heat treatment layouts are qualified for simple and complex part geometries.

(a) conductive heating station; (b) tensile test according DIN EN ISO 6892-1

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