Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Resource-Efficient Manufacturing of Finished Gears by Cold Forging

Project Status: finished


The conventional manufacturing of gears is carried out by cutting processes in order to realize sufficient geometric qualities. Taking economical and ecological aspects into account metal forming processes specifically in the field of cold forging obtain increasing importance for industrial manufacturers. Compared to conventional methods these processes convince with a material-efficient production and improved properties of the manufactured components. Against this background, the technical cold forging extrusion process for the production of gears is fundamentally analyzed. The focus of this investigation is on the so-called “Samanta”-process. Also known as extrusion in package this process describes how multiple stacked components are pressed simultaneously through a die. This provides a high economic potential for the manufacturing industry due to a resource-efficient mass production of gears. However, helical gears can currently only be realized with a low tooth quality and an expensive post-machining in an inevitable additional process step. In order to realize helical gears with an improved gear quality this research project aims to achieve a fundamental understanding othe parameters influencing the accuracy of the gears manufactured by the “Samanta“-process. The material flow and thus the mold filling of the tooth cavity are of particular research interests.


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