Lehrstuhl für Fertigungstechnologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

M.Sc. Harald Schmid

Egerlandstraße 13, 91058 Erlangen
Tel.: 09131/85-20839
Fax: 09131/85-27141
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Room: 1.103, 1st floor (Egerlandstr. 13)


Research Groups



    • Suttner, S.; Schmid, H.; Merklein, M.:
      Cross-profile deep drawing of magnesium alloy AZ31 sheet metal for springback analysis under various temperatures.
      In: (Edtr.): 18th International Conference on Sheet Metal, SHEMET 2019, 2019, accepted

    • Schmid, H.; Hetz, P.; Merklein, M.:
      Failure behavior of different sheet metals after passing a drawbead.
      In: (Edtr.): 47th SME North American Manufacturing Research Conference, NAMRC 47, Pennsylvania, USA, 2019, accepted

    • Schmid, H.; Merklein, M.:
      Versagensanalyse nach Vorbelastung in einer Ziehsicke.
      In: (Edtr.): EFB-Kolloquium Blechverarbeitung: Wirtschaftliche Verarbeitung hochfester Werkstoffe für Leicht- und Funktionsbau, 2019, accepted


    • Schmid, H.; Merklein, M.:
      Effect on the mechanical properties of sheet metals after the use of drawbeads in deep drawing.
      In: (Edtr.): 5th International Conference on New Forming Technology ICNFT Bremen 2018, 2018, published


    • Schmid, H.; Suttner, S.; Merklein, M.:
      An incremental analysis of a deep drawing steel’s material behaviour undergoing the predeformation using drawbeads.
      In: 36th IDDRG Conference – Materials Modelling and Testing for Sheet Metal Forming (Edtrs.): IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 896 (2017) 011001 , https://doi.org/10.1088/1742-6596/896/1/011001, 2017, published

    • Schmid, H.; Suttner, S.; Merklein, M.:
      Investigation of process induced changes of material behaviour using a drawbead in forming operations.
      In: R. H. Schmitt, G. Schuh (Edtr.): 7. WGP-Jahreskongress Aachen, 5.-6. Oktober 2017, Apprimus, 2017, pp. 37-42