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4th Int. Conference THE Coatings

Proceedings of the 4th Int. Conference THE coatings in Manuf. Engineering

The 4th Int. Conference THE coatings in Manuf. Engineering took place April 5th - April 7th in Erlangen. An impression of the covered topics can be gained from the table of content of the proceedings. If you would like to take a look at the abstracts, these can be found here.

Table of Content

Plenary Session
Cutting Performance Enhancement Through the Application of Coated Tools with Improved Geometrical and Technological Data K.-D. Bouzakis, I. Mirisidis, S. Hadjiyiannis, G. Skordaris, N. Michailidis,G. Erkens 3
Generation of Functional Surfaces with Laser Radiation H.-K. Tönshoff, C. Kulik 29
State of the Art and Future Trends in Thermal Spraying Fr.-W. Bach, K. Möhwald, Z. Babiak, J. Prehm, L. Engl, T. Rothardt 41
Tool Life Improvement by Surface Laser Texturing M. Geiger, U. Popp, U. Engel 57
Influence of Different Manufacturing Steps on Characteristics of Coated Carbide Tools B. Denkena, J. C. Becker, Chr. Spengler, A. Karyazin 69
Coatings Session
Deposition Technology, Tribological Properties and Applications of Superhard Amorphous (ta-C) Carbon Films E. Beyer, H.-J. Scheibe, B. Schultrich, V. Weihnacht 79
Boron Based and Other Combination Tool Coatings Characterization and Application Tests M. Keunecke, K. Bewilogua, E. Wiemann, M. Weber,H. Thomsen, R. Wittorf 93
Aspects of PVD Coatings of Plasma Nitrated Tool Steels Fr.-W. Bach, K. Möhwald, M. Schäpers 103
New Coating Developments High performance Cutting Tools E. Uhlmann, E. Wiemann, S. Yang, J. Krumeich, A. Layyous 111
Electroplated Wear Resistant Coatings for Different Fields of Application U. Landau 121
Friction-Promoting Layers for the Clamping of Heavily Loaded Workpieces with Little Damage G. Reisel, B. Wielage, U. Mahn, S. Steinhäuser,D. Weidlich, R. Neugebauer 139
Direct and Hard Gradient Coatings on the Basis of SiCN Precursors for Protection of (Light) Metals G. Motz, Y. Albrecht, M. Günthner, G. Ziegler 149
Tools Session
Modern Tool Coatings for Machining Innovative Construction Materials K. Weinert, Ch. Kempmann, M. Hagedorn, D. Kötter, M. Lange, V. Petzoldt 159
Selection of Efficient Coatings for Milling Inconel 718 E. Lugscheider, K. Bobzin, M. Maes, C. Piñero 169
The Effect of Annealing Duration on PVD Film Mechanical Strength Properties and on the Wear Behaviour of Coated Cemented Carbides Inserts K.-D. Bouzakis, G. Skordaris, S. Hadjiyiannis, I. Mirisidis, N. Michailidis 179
Investigation of Blanking Process Using TiN Coated Tool Materials S. Kut, J. Mucha, F. Stachowicz 191
The Use of CVD Diamond Coated Si3N4 Tools for Machining Sintered Hardmetal F. A. Almeida, M. Belmonte, F. J. Oliveira, J. Sacramento, A. J. S. Fernandes, R. F. Silva 197
Feasibility Study of the Coating Removal by Laser Ablation Technique E. Uhlmann, P. Larpsuriyakul, M. Krieg 205
Tool Coatings for Deep Drawing of Austenitic Stainless Steel F. Klocke, T. Maßmann, K. Bobzin, E. Lugscheider, N. Bagcivan 213
Properties Session
(Ti, Al)/CrN – Nanolayers Deposited by Arc-PVD W. Tillmann, E. Vogli 227
Effects of Cr-Ion Implantation on the Properties of Arc-Evaporated
TiN Coatings
A. N. Panckow, D. Sladkov, Ch. Genzel 235
Effects of Phase Transition on Micro-Hardness and Lattice Parameter in
Ternary Nitride Films
H. Hasegawa, M. Kawate, A. K. Hashimoto, T. Suzuki 243
The Influence of Hardness Distributions within PVD Coatins on the
Cutting Performance of Coated Tools with Various Film Thickness
K.-D. Bouzakis, S. Hadjiyiannis, G. Skordaris, I. Mirisidis,
N. Michailidis, G. Erkens
Properties and Performance of Coated Cutting Tools in
Machining Aluminium
B. Denkena, J. C. Becker, C. Gey, D. Boehnke, L. de Leon Garcia 267
Influence of the Current Generator Characteristic on the Quality
and Properties of Arc Sprayed Coatings
J. Wilden, S. Jahn, J. P. Bergmann 277
Transmission Electron Microscopy Study on Laser Interference Irradiated
Ni/Al Multi-Films
C. Daniel, F. Mücklich 287
Testing / Simulation Session
Finite Element Analysis of the Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of
Coated Tool in Mild Steel Machining
L. Filice, L. Settineri, D. Umbrello, R. Calzavarini, F. Micari 299
Process Simulation of Industrial Vacuum Arc Deposition B. Schultrich, S. Völlmar, D. Römer 309
Generation of Arbitrary Rough Surfaces V. Bakolas 319
Tribological Characterisation of Carbon Coatings at Room Temperature;
Effect of Counter-Body Material and Humidity
D. Klaffke, H.-J. Scheibe, V. Weihnacht 331
Combined Strip-Pulling Test Stand for Tribological Tests in
Sheet Metal Forming
P. Groche, T. Callies 341
Coatings’ Cohesion and Adhesion Assessment by Means
of the Inclined Impact Test
K.-D. Bouzakis, A. Asimakopoulos, N. Michailidis, S. Kompogiannis,
G. Maliaris, G. Giannopoulos, E. Pavlidou, G. Erkens
Galvanised Coating Bulk Behaviour:
An Application to the Skin-Passed Strip
S. Huart, M. Dubar, R. Deltombe, A. Dubois, L. Dubar 365
Process Session
New Approaches to Deposit Oxidic and Oxide Generating Coatings G. Erkens, R. Cremer, T. Hamoudi 377
Experimental Conditions in Preparation of Chromia Coatings C. Gheorghies, L. Gheorghies, S. Condurache-Bota 395
Micro Adjustment by Laser Ablation of Prestressed Coating Layers G. Eßer, M. Dirscherl 405
Application of Petri Nets in Modeling a Chrome Plating Technology V. Marinescu, M. Banu, O. Naidim, I. Constantin, S. Matei, T. Toporau 415
Thermally Sprayed Coatings on Mg Alloys for Improved Wear and
Corrosion Resistance
 Fr.-W. Bach, K. Möhwald, Z. Babiak, J. Prehm, L. Engl,
E. Lugscheider, M. Parco, R. Dicks
Influence of Process Parameters on the Plasma Powder Cladding in
Constraint Position
J. Wilden, J. P. Bergmann, H. Frank, S. Pinzl 435
Tribology Session
Improved Tribological Behavior by Crystalline Diamond Coatings on
Silicon Carbide Bearings
M. Perle, A. Schade, S. Rosiwal, M. Rüffer 447
Tribological Performance of Lubricated DLC Coatings
Using Biodegradable Oils
M. Kalin, J. Vižintin, K. Vercammen, A. Arnšek, J. Barriga,
K. Van Acker
Mechanical and Dry-Machining Properties of PVD Coated Carbides H. Scheerer, B. C. Schramm, E. Broszeit, H. Hoche,
C. Berger, E. Abele
Influence of Surface Roughness on the Frictional Behaviour of
Coated Forming Tool Steel
B. Podgornik, S. Hogmark, O. Sandberg 479
Strength, Adherence and Tribological Properties of Ion-Implanted
Hard TiN Coatings on AlSi 4340 Low Alloy Steel
S. M. Skolianos, T. Z. Kattamis 489
New Tribological Aspects of Dry Film Lubricated
Aluminium Sheet Metal
M. Pfestorf, M. Meiler, M. Merklein, M. Geiger 497
Performance of Thermal Spray Coatings Under
Dry Abrasive Wear Conditions
A. Wank, B. Wielage, G. Reisel, T. Grund, E. Friesen 507

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