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Table of Contents

Part 1

Friction Based Solid State Welding Processes L. Fratini, G. Buffa and D. la Spisa 3
Formability of Metallic Materials
Determination of Forming Limit Strains Using Marciniak-Kuczynski Tests and Automated Digital Image Correlation Procedures D. Vysochinskiy, T. Coudert, A. Reyes and O.G. Lademo 17
Analysis of the Anisotropic Behavior and of the Formability Aptitude for an AA2024 Alloy Using the Channel Die Compression Test and the Simple Tension Test S.Y. Zhang, H. Francillette and A. Gavrus 23
On the Improvement of Formability and the Prediction of Forming Limit Diagrams at Fracture by Means of Constitutive Modelling Y. Kiliclar, M. Engelhardt, I.N. Vladimirov, M.P. Pietryga, H. von Senden genannt Haverkamp, S. Reese and F.W. Bach 29
Plastic Instability Based on Bifurcation Analysis: Effect of Hardening and Gurson Damage Parameters on Strain Localization L.Z. Mansouri, H. Chalal, F. Abed-Meraim and T. Balan 35
Modelling of Strain Hardening Behaviour of Sheet Metals for Stochastic Simulations F. Quetting, P. Hora and K. Roll 41
Identification of Process-Based Limit Stress States Applying a Stretch-Bending-Test C. Hezler, M. Merklein, J. Hecht and B. Griesbach 47
Determination of Flow Curves under Equibiaxial Stress Conditions J. Mulder, H. Vegter, J.J. Ha and A.H. van den Boogaard 53
Biaxial Tensile Test of High Strength Steel Sheet for Large Plastic Strain Range T. Hakoyama and T. Kuwabara 59
Using Cross Stamping to Test Zinc Sheets Formability Y. Jansen, R. Logé, M. Milesi, S. Manov and E. Massoni 65
Influence of Different Pre-Stretching Modes on the Forming Limit Diagram of AA6014 A. Werber, M. Liewald, W. Nester, M. Grünbaum, K. Wiegand, J. Simon, J. Timm, C. Bassi and W. Hotz 71
Effect of the Constitutive Law on the Accuracy of Prediction of the Forming Limit Curves L. Paraianu, D.S. Comşa, I. Nicodim, I. Ciobanu and D. Banabic 77
Evolution of Roughness on Straining of Interstitial Free – IF Steel Sheet R.K. Unfer and J.D. Bressan 83
Anisotropic Plastic Behavior of TRIP 780 Steel Sheet in Hole Expansion Test S. Panich, V. Uthaisangsuk, S. Suranuntchai and S. Jirathearanat 89
Study of True Stress-Strain Curve after Necking for Application in Ductile Fracture Criteria in Tube Hydroforming of Aerospace Material M. Saboori, H. Champliaud, J. Ghoulipor, A. Gakwaya, J. Savoie and P. Wanjara 95
Failure Prediction in Sheet Metal Forming Depending in Pre-Straining and Bending Superposition R. Denninger, M. Liewald and M. Sindel 101
A Procedure for the Evaluation of Flow Stress of Sheet Metal by Hydraulic Bulge Test Using Elliptical Dies L. Lăzărescu, I.P. Nicodim, D.S. Comşa and D. Banabic 107
Methodology to Produce Locally Heat-Treated EN AW-5182 Aluminum Alloy Sheet Metal Parts A.M. Sulzberger, M. Merklein, W. Staufner and D. Wortberg 113
Laser Beam Structured Sheets – A New Potential for Sheet Metal Forming R. Neugebauer and M. Ahnert 119
Elasto-Plastic Models with Continuously Distributed Dislocations and Disclinations S. Cleja-Tigoiu 125
Failure Evaluation of Spot Welds for Advanced High Strength Steel Sheets W. Noh, D.H. Yoo, Y.W. Koh, K.S. Chung and X. Yang 131
Processing of New Solar Absorbers in Steel Design Based on Partially Cold Roll Bonded Hybrid Semi-Finished Parts F. Steinbach, L. Koch, M. Hermann, J. Witulski and A.E. Tekkaya 137
Increase the Deformability of NiCo Single Crystals Using of Electrical Pulse-Like Currents G. Gerstein, M. Nowak, M. Bierbaum, T. Zhuravina, M. Schaper and F.W. Bach 143
Forging and Rolling
EcoForge: Resource-Efficient Process Chains for High Performance Parts B.A. Behrens, W. Bleck, F.W. Bach, E. Brinksmeier, U. Fritsching, M. Liewald and H.W. Zoch 151
Computer Aided Design of Manufacturing of Fasteners - Selection of the Best Production Chain M. Skóra, S. Weglarczyk, J. Kusiak and M. Pietrzyk 157
Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Service Life Estimation for Hot-Forging Dies B.A. Behrens, A. Bouguecha, T. Hadifi and A. Klassen 163
Microstructural Behaviour in Rotary Forging of Inconel 718 Á. Mangas, M. Santos, J. San José, G. Atxaga and O. Adarraga 169
Compound Forging of Hybrid Powder-Solid-Parts Made of Steel and Aluminum B.A. Behrens, K.G. Kosch, C. Frischkorn, N. Vahed and A. Huskic 175
Hydroforging of Thick-Walled Hollow Aluminum Profiles K. Müller, M. Stonis, M. Lücke and B.A. Behrens 181
Evolution of Microstructure during the Shape Rolling Modeled by Cellular Automata Ł. Łach and D.S. Svyetlichnyy 187
Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Process-Integrated Powder Coating by Means >of Hot Rolling >R. Kebriaei, J. Frischkorn, S. Reese, H. Moll, W. Theisen, T. Husmann and H. Meier 193
Scale Behaviour and Deformation Properties of Oxide Scale during Hot Rolling of Steel M. Graf and R. Kawalla 199
Cross Wedge Rolling of Preforms for Crankshafts M. Meyer, M. Stonis and B.A. Behrens 205
Composites Forming Processes
A Simple Discrete Method for the Simulation of the Preforming of Woven Fabric Reinforcement W. Najjar, X. Legrand, C. Pupin, P. Dalsanto and S. Boude 213
Analysis of Non-Crimp Fabric Composite Reinforcements Forming S. Bel, N. Hamila and P. Boisse 219
Characterization and Finite Element Modeling of Unidirectional Non-Crimp Fabric for Composite Manufacturing A. Petrov, J. Sherwood and K. Fetfatsidis 225
Complex Shape Forming of Flax Based Woven Fabrics - Analysis of the Yarn Tensile Strain during the Process P. Ouagne, D. Soulat, C. Tephany, J. Moothoo, S. Allaoui, G. Hivet and D. Duriatti 231
Forming of Thermoplastic Composites S.P. Haanappel, U. Sachs, R.H.W. ten Thije, B. Rietman and R. Akkerman 237
Intraply Shearing Characterization of Thermoplastic Composite Materials in Thermoforming Processes P. Wang, N. Hamila and P. Boisse 243
Simulating the Manufacturing Process and Subsequent Structural Stiffness of Composite Wind Turbine Blades with and without Defects K.A. Fetfatsidis, C. Mitchell, J.A. Sherwood, E. Harvey and P. Avitabile 249
Tow-Scale Mechanics for Composite Forming Simulations P. Potluri, R. Ramgulam, M. Chilo and H. Arshad 255
3D Interlock Composite Preforming Simulation J.G. Orliac, A. Charmetant, F. Morestin, P. Boisse and S. Otin 261
3D Hyperelastic Constitutive Model for Yarn Behaviour Description A. Charmetant, E. Vidal-Salle and P. Boisse 267
Compression Behaviour of Steel Fibre Knitted Fabrics F. Hanot, K. Vanclooster and S.V. Lomov 273
Experimental Characterization and Modeling of Bending Properties of Woven Fibrous Preforms E. Syerko, S. Comas-Cardona and C. Binetruy 277
First Steps on the Modeling and Simulation of Thermoplastic/Thermoset Phase Separation H. Lamari, A. Ammar, A. Leygue and F. Chinesta 283
Flow Monitoring and Permeability Measurements in LCM Processes by the Means of a Dielectric Sensor P. Carlone and G.S. Palazzo 289
Manufacturing Processes for Combined Forming of Multi-Material Structures Consisting of
Sheet Metal and Local CFRP Reinforcements
H.C. Schmidt, U. Damerow, C. Lauter, B. Gorny, F. Hankeln, W. Homberg, T. Troester, H.J. Maier and R. Mahnken 29
Forming Simulation Sensitivity Study of the Double-Dome Benchmark Geometry B. Rietman, S.P. Haanappel, R.H.W. ten Thije and R. Akkerman 301
A Friction-Test Benchmark with Twintex PP U. Sachs, K. Fetfatsidis, J. Schumacher, G. Ziegmann, S. Allaoui, G. Hivet, E. Vidal-Salle and R. Akkerman 307
Analyze of the Contact Behaviour between Two Layers of Dry Glass Plain Weave Fabric S. Allaoui, G. Hivet and P. Ouagne 313
Friction Measurement on Dry Fabric for Forming Simulation of Composite Reinforcement E. Vidal-Salle and F. Massi 319
Tow Mechanics: A Contact Mechanics Approach of Friction in Fibrous Tows during Forming B. Cornelissen, B. Rietman, M.B. de Rooij and R. Akkerman 325
Semi-Solid Processes
The Influence of Particle Size on Viscosity in Thixo Material S. Harboe and M. Modigell 333
Production of Aluminium Matrix Nanocomposite Feedstock for Thixoforming by >an Ultrasonic Method S. Kandemir, A. Yalamanchili and H.V. Atkinson 339
Effect of Experimental Conditions on 7075 Aluminium Response during Thixoextrusion A. Neag, V. Favier, M. Pop, E. Becker and R. Bigot 345
Thermal Simulation of Laser Surface Modification of H13 Die Steel S.A. Syarifah Nur Aqida, S. Naher and D. Brabazon 351
Thixo Lateral Forging of a Commercial Automotive Spindle from LTT45 Steel Grade J. Lozares, Z. Azpilgain, I. Hurtado, R. Ortubay and S. Berrocal 357
Considerations on the Reliability of Advanced Squeeze Casting Process M. Rosso and I. Peter 361
Light Weight Design and Energy Efficiency in Metal Forming
Lightweight Construction by Means of Profiles S. Chatti, D. Pietzka, N. Ben Khalifa, A. Jäger, A. Selvaggio and A.E. Tekkaya 369
Tailored Heat Treated Profiles - Enhancement of the Forming Limit of Aluminum Profiles under Bending Load M. Merklein, M. Lechner, T. Schneider and R. Plettke 375
Cold Backward Extrusion of Titanium Billet with Pulsating Lubricant Supply on Servo Press R. Matsumoto, S. Sawa and H. Utsunomiya 381
Influence of Processing Parameters on Bonding Conditions in Backward Extrusion Forged Bonding Y. Yoshida, T. Matsubara, K. Yasui, T. Ishikawa and T. Suganuma 387
Analytic Prediction of the Process Parameters for Form-Fit Joining by Die-Less Hydroforming S. Gies, C. Weddeling, M. Marré, L. Kwiatkowski and A.E. Tekkaya 393
Analytical and Numerical Approaches to Predict the Flow Characteristics of a Magnetorheological Fluid in Rotational Symmetric Cross Sections S. Rösel, M. Merklein and M. Grüner 399
Observation of Welded Interface of SPCC/A1100-O Tailored Blanks Made by Butt Laser Welding T. Iizuka and R. Itani 405
New and Advanced Numerical Strategies for Material Forming
2D Meshless Solution of Elastoplastic with Damage Problem Z. Sendi, C. Labergère, K. Saanouni and H. Belhadjsalah 413
Analysis of Plastic Flow during Friction Stir Spot Welding Using Finite Element Modelling Z. Gao, F. Krumphals, P. Sherstnev, N. Enzinger, J.T. Niu and C. Sommitsch 419
Explicit Simulation of Forming Processes Using a Novel Solid-Shell Concept Based on Reduced Integration M. Pagani, S. Reese and U. Perego 425
Free Surface Modeling of Contacting Solid Metal Flows Employing the ALE Formulation A.A. van der Stelt, T.C. Bor, H.J.M. Geijselaers, R. Akkerman and J. Huétink 431
Improvement on CAE Model for Accurate Torsional Springback Prediction in High Strength Steel Part Forming >A. Ishiwatari, H. Kano, J. Hiramoto and T. Inazumi 437
Modeling Induced Flow Anisotropy and Phase Transformations in Air Hardening Steels C. Barthel, B. Klusemann, R. Denzer, T. Clausmeyer and B. Svendsen 443
Numerical Modelling and Experimental Study of Sandwich Shells with Metal Foam Cores H. Mata, R. Natal Jorge, A.D. Santos, M.P.L. Parente, R.A.F. Valente and A.A. Fernandes 449
Remapping Method for Transferring Data between Two Meshes Using a Modified Iterative SPR Approach for Parallel Resolution S. Kumar and L. Fourment 455
A First Approach Toward a Proper Generalized Decomposition Based Time Parallelization F. Poulhaon, F. Chinesta and A. Leygue 461
Real Time Simulation of Non-Linear Solids by PGD Techniques S. Niroomandi, D. Gonzalez, I. Alfaro, F. Bordeu, A. Leygue, E. Cueto and F. Chinesta 467
Extrusion and Drawing
An Investigation of the Material Flow in a Screw Extruder of Aluminium Using Contrast Material F. Widerøe and T. Welo 475
Manufacturing of Steel-Reinforced Aluminum Products by Combining Hot Extrusion and Closed-Die Forging A. Foydl, I. Pfeiffer, M. Kammler, D. Pietzka, T. Matthias, A. Jäger, A.E. Tekkaya and B.A. Behrens 481
Effect of Process Parameters on Seam Weld Quality of ZM21 Tubes A. Segatori, B. Reggiani, L. Donati, T. Pinter, Y. Rami and L. Tomesani 487
Metal Flow in Two-Hole Extrusion of Al-Alloys Studied by FEA with Experiments J. Kandis and H. Valberg 493
Constitutive Equations for Finite Element Simulation C. Bruni and M. El Mehtedi 499
The Model for Coupled Simulation of Thin Profile Extrusion >N. Biba, S. Stebunov and A. Lishny 505
Comparison between FEM Simulations and Analytical Calculations of Required Force for Al Extrusion S. Torabzadeh Khorasani and H. Valberg 511
Numerical Approach for the Evaluation of Seam Welding Criteria in Extrusion Processes M. Schwane, T. Kloppenborg, A. Reeb, N. Ben Khalifa, A. Brosius, K.A. Weidenmann and A.E. Tekkaya 517
Effect of Porthole Design and Welding Chamber Dimensions on Material Flow and Weld Deformability of Extruded Aluminium Profiles L. Donati, N. Ben Khalifa, L. Tomesani and A.E. Tekkaya 523
On the Fundamental Mechanism of Seam Welding in Extrusion of Aluminum Alloys H. Valberg and Y.A. Khan 529
Friction and Wear in Material Processing
Frictional Behaviour of Environmentally Friendly Lubricants for Sheet Metal Forming Processes F. Sgarabotto and A. Ghiotti 537
Tribological Behaviour of PVD Coatings for Sheet Metal Forming Tools: Laboratory and Industrial Evaluation F. Sgarabotto and A. Ghiotti 543
Velocity Gradients and the Evolution of Material Properties in a Narrow Layer near Surfaces of High Friction in Metal Forming Processes S. Alexandrov and Y.R. Jeng 549
Sliding Wear Behaviour of Al-7075 Based Metal Matrix Composite: Effect of Processing Parameters R. Dasgupta, S. Das and A.K. Jha 555
Tribological Performances of Two White Lubricants in Hot Steel Forging A. Dubois, M. Dubar, L. Dubar and B. Tlili 561
Nano-Structured Materials and Microforming
New SPD Process of Incremental Angular Splitting A. Rosochowski, M. Rosochowska and L. Olejnik 569
Formability of Ultrafine-Grained AA6016 Sheets Processed by Accumulative Roll Bonding T. Hausöl, C.W. Schmidt, V. Maier, W. Böhm, H. Nguyen, M. Merklein, H.W. Höppel and M. Göken 575
Benchmarking of Direct and Indirect Friction Tests in Micro Forming R.S. Eriksen, M. Calaon, M. Arentoft and N. Bay 581
Experimental Study of a Full Forward Extrusion Process from Metal Strip M. Merklein, T. Stellin and U. Engel 587
Influence of Punch Velocity on Spring Back in Micro Forming H. Wielage, Z.Y. Hu and F. Vollertsen 593
Dynamic Characteristics of a Micro-Sheet-Forming Machine System Y. Qin, A.R. Razali, M. Zhou, J. Zhao, C. Harrison and W.A. Wan Nawang 599
Inverse Analysis Optimization and Stochastic Approaches
A Comparison between Three Meta-Modeling Optimization Approaches to Design a Tube Hydroforming Process G. Ingarao, L. Marretta and R. Di Lorenzo 607
Optimization of Forging Preforms by Using Pseudo Inverse Approach A. Halouani, Y.M. Li, B. Abbès, Y.Q. Guo, F.J. Meng, C. Labergère and P. Lafon 613
Towards Inverse Form Finding Methods for a Deep Drawing Steel DC04 S. Germain and P. Steinmann 619
Optimization of Pre-Stressed Press Frames M. Strano, M. Monno and A. Rossi 625
Statistical Analysis of Forming Processes as a First Step in a Process-Chain Analysis: Novel PRO-CHAIN Components D. Steffes-Lai and T. Clees 631
Cazacu and Barlat Criterion Identification Using the Cylindrical Cup Deep Drawing Test and the Coupled Artificial Neural Networks – Genetic Algorithm Method H. Aguir, J.L. Alves, M.C. Oliveira, L.F. Menezes and H. BelHadjSalah 637
AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Parameters Identification through Inverse Analysis at 713 K G. Gillo 643
Constitutive Models for Metallic Alloys (Multiscale & Continuum)
Prediction of Texture Evolution in Rolled Sheet Metals by Using Homogenization Schemes K. Jöchen and T. Böhlke 649
Texture Based Finite Element Simulation of a Two-Step Can Forming Process V. Glavas, T. Böhlke, D. Daniel and C. Leppin 655
Evaluation of Associated and Non-Associated Flow Metal Plasticity; Application for DC06 Deep Drawing Steel M. Safaei, W. De Waele and S.L. Zang 661
Unconditionally Convex Yield Functions for Sheet Metal Forming Based on Linear Stress Deviator Transformation
H. Aretz and F. Barlat
Compartmentalized Model for the Mechanical Behavior of Titanium L. Tabourot, P. Balland, J. Raujol-Veillé, M. Vautrot, C. Déprés and F. Toussaint 673
On the Modeling of Evolving Elastic and Plastic Anisotropy in the Finite Strain Regime – Application to Deep Drawing Processes I.N. Vladimirov, M.P. Pietryga, V. Tini and S. Reese 679
Assessment of Distinct Algorithmic Strategies in the Implementation of Complex Anisotropic Yield Criteria T.J. Grilo, R.A.F. Valente and R.J.A. de Sousa 685
Implementation and Validation of a Gurson Damage Model Modified for Shear Loading: Effect of Void Growth Rate and Mesh Size on the Predicted Behavior M. Achouri, G. Germain, P. Dal Santo and D. Saidane 691
Constitutive Equation for Description of Metallic Materials Behavior during Static and Dynamic Loadings Taking into Account Important Gradients of Plastic Deformation A. Gavrus 697
Identification of the Plastic Behaviour in the Post-Necking Regime Using a Three Dimensional Reconstruction Technique M. Rossi and P. Fabrice 703
Innovative Joining by Forming Technologies
Laser Heat Treatment Effects on Roller Hemming in Aluminum Alloys T. Kleeh, M. Merklein and K. Roll 711
Superplastic Forming/Diffusion Bonding of a Titanium Alloy for the Realization of an Aircraft
Structural Component in Multi-Sheets Configuration
L. Carrino, V. Paradiso, S. Franchitti, A. Squillace and S. Russo 717
Smart Components through Rotary Swaging M. Brenneis and P. Groche 723
Study of Wavy Interface in Electromagnetic Welds S. Kore, P.N. Vinod, S. Kumar and M.R. Kulkarni 729
Process Mechanics in Friction Stir Welding of Magnesium Alloys: Experimental and Numerical Analysis G. Buffa, L. Fratini, T. Gnibl, M. Wieland and M. Merklein 735
Investigation of Vibration Assisted Friction Stir Welding H. Montazerolghaem, M. Badrossamay and A. Fadaei Tehrani 741
Experimental and Numerical Analysis on FSWed Magnesium Alloy Thin Sheets Obtained Using “Pin” and “Pinless” Tool G. Buffa, A. Forcellese, L. Fratini and M. Simoncini 747
Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Process Parameters on Residual Stress in AA2024-T3
Friction Stir Welds
P. Carlone and G.S. Palazzo 753
Quality Analysis of Friction Stir Welded Butt Joints by Means of Experiments and Simulations G. D'Urso, M. Longo, C. Giardini and E. Ceretti 759
Extension of a Failure Criterion for Hemming Applications in the FEM Simulation M. Zubeil, K. Roll and M. Merklein 765
Numerical and Experimental Studies on the Clinch-Bonding and Riv-Bonding Process R. Neugebauer, M. Israel, B. Mayer and H. Fricke 771
Simulation of Hybrid Joining Technologies Using the Example of Clinch-Bonding S. Etemadi, O. Hahn and K. Roll 777
A New Clinching Process Especially for Thin Metal Sheets and Foils B.A. Behrens, A. Bouguecha, C.P. Eckold and I. Peshekhodov 783
Incremental and Sheet Metal Forming
Investigation of Thick Sheet AHSS Springback in Combined Bending under Tension H. Chalal, S. Racz and T. Balan 791
Comparison of Bending of Automotive Steels in Roll Forming and in a V-Die M. Weiss, J. Marnette, P. Wolfram, J. Larrañaga and P. Hodgson 797
Bending Testing Rig Development through CAE Tools Application A. del Prete, G. Papadia and T. Primo 803
An Analytical Method for Prediction of Cross-Sectional Deformations in Stretch Bending T. Welo 809
Warm Incremental Forming of Magnesium Alloys Using Hot Fluid as Heating Media L. Galdos, E.S. de Argandoña, I. Ulacia and G. Arruebarrena 815
Towards Energy Efficiency in Incremental Forming of Titanium G. Ambrogio, F. Gagliardi, L. Filice and O. Aghinelli 821
In-Process Hardening in Laser Supported Incremental Sheet Metal Forming A. Mohammadi, H. Vanhove, A.K. Behera, A. Van Bael and J.R. Duflou 827
An Upper-Bound Prediction of Tangential Force in Single Point Incremental Forming M.J. Mirnia and B. Mollaei Dariani 833
Flexible Tooling System Using Reconfigurable Multi-Point Thermoforming Technology for Manufacturing Freeform Panels S.Z. Su, M.Z. Li, C.G. Liu, C.Q. Ji, R. Setchi, J. Larkiola, I. Panteleev, I. Stead and R. Lopez 839
Viscoplastic Regularization of Local Damage Models: A Latent Solution M.S. Niazi, H.H. Wisselink and T. Meinders 845
Any Effect of Processing History on Precipitation Hardening of Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steels S. Saha, K. Datta, M.K. Mitra, L.E. Lindgren and J. Post 851
Optimizing Roll Forming Processes with the Aid of a New Numerical Algorithm A. Abrass, T. Kessler and P. Groche 857
Preliminary Studies on the Determination of FLD for Single Point Incremental Sheet Metal Forming M. Tisza, P.Z. Kovács and Z. Lukács 863
An Integrated Approach to Accurate Part Manufacture in Single Point Incremental Forming Using Feature Based Graph Topology A.K. Behera, B. Lauwers and J.R. Duflou 869
Integrated Process Design for Two Robots Based Incremental Sheet Metal Forming D. Kreimeier, J.H. Zhu and R. Laurischkat 877
FlexDie: A Flexible Tooling-Concept for Incremental Sheet Forming G. Sebastiani, A. Wawrosch, V. Franzen, A. Brosius and A.E. Tekkaya 883
Ludwik’s Model Parameter Identification for V-Bending Simulations with Ti64 and MS1200 J. Mendiguren, L. Galdos, E.S. de Argandoña and E. Silvestre 889
Methodology for the Analysis of the Process Behaviour of Advanced High Strength Steels in Bending and Shearing Operations I. Tsoupis, S. Hildering and M. Merklein 895
Influence of Predetermined Surface Defect to the Bendability of Ultra-High-Strength Steel A. Määttä, A. Järvenpää, M. Jaskari, K. Mäntyjärvi and J.A. Karjalainen 901
A Self-Correcting Approach for the Bending of Metal Parts U. Damerow, M. Borzykh, W. Homberg and A. Trächtler 907
Evaluation of the Enhanced Assumed Strain and Assumed Natural Strain in the SSH3D and RESS3 Solid Shell Elements for Single Point Incremental Forming Simulation C.F. Guzmán, A. Ben Bettaieb, J.I.V. de Sena, R.A. de Sousa, A.M. Habraken and L. Duchêne 913
Influence of Material Properties on Accuracy Response Surfaces in Single Point Incremental Forming A.K. Behera, J. Gu, B. Lauwers and J.R. Duflou 919
A New Tool Concept for Rotary Peen Forming with Defined Impact Positions C. Russig, M. Bambach and G. Hirt 925
Incremental Forming of Sandwich Materials L. Galdos, E.S. de Argandoña, N. Otegi and R. Ortubay 931
Punch Radius Influence on “Large Size” Hydroformed Components G. Papadia, A. del Prete and A. Spagnolo 937
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Formability of Clad Sheets Copper/Stainless Steel 304L in Spinning Process A. Rezaei Shahreza, F. Dehghani and M. Salimi 943
Development of Boss Forming Simulation Technologies with a Rotary Tool Y. Kobayashi, S. Takahashi, E. Yukutake and S. Negishi 949
Warm Deep Drawability of Peak-Aged 7075 Aluminium Sheet Alloy N. Sotirov, P. Simon, C. Chimani, D. Uffelmann and C. Melzer 955
Sheet-Bulk-Metal Forming
Acquisition of Heuristic Knowledge for the Prediction of the Frictional Behavior of Surface Structures Created by Self-Excited Tool Vibrations T. Breitsprecher, R. Hense, F. Hauer, S. Wartzack, D. Biermann and K. Willner 963
Amorphous Carbon Coatings for Locally Adjusted Tribological Properties in Sheet Bulk Metal Forming H. Hetzner, S. Tremmel and S. Wartzack 969
Improved Tool Surfaces for Incremental Bulk Forming Processes of Sheet Metals P. Sieczkarek, L. Kwiatkowski, A.E. Tekkaya, E. Krebs, D. Biermann, W. Tillmann and J. Herper 975
The Load-Scanning Test – Evaluation of a Universal Tribological Model Test in View of Sheet Bulk Metal Forming H. Hetzner, S. Tremmel and S. Wartzack 981
Goal Oriented Error Control for Frictional Contact Problems in Metal Forming H. Blum, A. Rademacher and A. Schröder 987
Material Model Identification for DC04 Based on the Numerical Modelling of the Polycrystalline Microstructure and Experimental Data E. Lehmann, S. Schmaltz, S. Germain, D. Faßmann, C. Weber, S. Löhnert, M. Schaper, F.W. Bach, P. Steinmann, K. Willner and P. Wriggers 993
Process-Machine Interaction in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming B.A. Behrens, R. Krimm and V. Salfeld 999
Holistic Measurement in the Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming Process with Fringe Projection C. Ohrt, W. Hartmann, J. Weickmann, M. Kästner, A. Weckenmann, T. Hausotte and E. Reithmeier 1005
Maturity Model for the Development of New Forming Processes Applied to the Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming A. Weckenmann and G. Akkasoglu 1011
Temperature Control during the APN-Process on the Steel 1.3343 Y. Lizunkova, S. Burov, T. Hassel, M.S. Bierbaum and F.W. Bach 1017
Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Components with Variants Using Process Adapted Semi-Finished Products M. Merklein, R. Plettke, T. Schneider, S. Opel and D. Vipavc 1023
Material Characterization for Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming B.A. Behrens, K. Voges-Schwieger, A. Bouguecha, J. Mielke and M. Vucetic 1029
Material Flow in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming >U. Vierzigmann, J. Koch, M. Merklein and U. Engel 1035
Heat Transfer Modelling
Analysis of Roll Gap Heat Transfers in Hot Steel Strip Rolling through Roll Temperature Sensors and Heat Transfer Models N. Legrand, N. Labbe, D. Weisz-Patrault, A. Ehrlacher, T. Luks and J. Horsky 1043
Cooling of a Rotating Cylinder by a Subcooled Planar Jet - Influence of the Surface Velocity on Boiling Regime S. Devynck, M. Gradeck, J.P. Bellot, S. Denis, M. Varlez and T. Benard 1049
Implementation of the Axially Symmetrical and Three Dimensional Finite Element Models to the Determination of the Heat Transfer Coefficient Distribution on the Hot Plate Surface Cooled by the Water Spray Nozzle Z. Malinowski, T. Telejko, B. Hadala and A. Cebo-Rudnicka 1055
Determination of Heat Repartition Parameters on High Speed Pin-on-Disc Tribometer by Inverse Heat Conduction Method D. Meresse, M. Watremez, S. Harmand and L. Dubar 1061
Comparisons of Numerical Modelling of the Selective Laser Melting L. Van Belle, G. Vansteenkiste and J.C. Boyer 1067
New Technique to Model the Effect of Intermediate Induction Heat Treatment (IIHT) in Pre-Strained Aluminium Sheets R. Govindarajan, M. Zubeil, K. Siefert, T. Kleeh, D. Lorenz, T. Borrvall and C. Ageorges 1073
Metallurgical Model Fitted to Experimental Data Using a Genetic Algorithm A. Blaise, B. Bourouga and C. Dessain 1079
Optimization of the Incident IR Heat Flux upon a 3D Geometry Composite Part (Carbon/Epoxy) S. Nakouzi, F. Berthet, D. Delaunay, Y. Le Maoult, F. Schmidt and V. Sobotka 1085
Experimental Determination and Modeling of Thermal Conductivity Tensor of >Carbon/Epoxy Composite D. Lecointe, M. Villière, S. Nakouzi, V. Sobotka, N. Boyard, F. Schmidt and D. Delaunay 1091
Structures, Properties and Processing of Polymers
Stretch Blow Moulding of Mineral Filled PET N. Billon, J.M. Haudin, C. Vallot and C. Babin 1099
Measurement & Modelling of Slip during Plug-Assisted Thermoforming< P. Martin, H.L. Choo and C.P.J. O'Connor 1105
Mechanical Analysis and Simulation of the Thermoforming Process of Thin Polymer Sheets D. Ahmad, N. Hamila, K. Lamnawar and P. Boisse 1111
The Effect of Temperature, Strain Rate and Strain on the Induced Mechanical Properties of
Biaxially Stretched PET
G.H. Menary, C.W. Tan and C.G. Armstrong 1117
Mechanical Behavior of Highly-Flexible Elastomeric Composites with Knitted-Fabric Reinforcement B. Bekisli, J. Pancrace and H.F. Nied 1123
Measurement and Modelling of Chemical Shrinkage of Thermoset Composites Y. Nawab, N. Boyard, V. Sobotka, P. Casari and F. Jacquemin 1129
The Effect of Thermoforming of PLA-PHBV Films on the Morphology and Gas Barrier Properties A. Guinault, A.S. Nguyen, G. Miquelard-Garnier, D. Jouannet, A. Grandmontagne and C. Sollogoub 1135
Numerical Simulation of the Viscohyperelastic Behaviour of PET near the Glass ransition Temperature >Y.M. Luo, L. Chevalier and E. Monteiro 1139
Shape Evolution of Carbon Epoxy Laminated Composite during Curing Y. Nawab, F. Jacquemin, P. Casari, N. Boyard and V. Sobotka 1145
Structure of Polymer – Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composites A. Adamne Major and K. Belina 1151
Non-Conventional Processes
Development of a Process Evaluation System for Wire-EDM Applications Using an Intelligent Process Monitoring Tool F. Klocke, M. Schwade and A. Klink 1159
Wire-EDM of ZTA-TiC Composites with Variable Content of Electrically Conductive Phase R. Landfried, F. Kern, W. Burger, W. Leonhardt and R. Gadow 1165
Analysis of Surface Reaction Mechanisms on Electrically Non-Conductive Zirconia, Occurring within the Spark Erosion Process Chain T. Hösel, C. Müller and H. Reinecke 1171
Developments in Wire-EDM for the Manufacturing of Fir Tree Slots in Turbine Discs Made of Inconel 718 F. Klocke, D. Welling, J. Dieckmann, D. Veselovac and R. Perez 1177
Study on Single-Pulse Discharges under Special Flushing Conditions M. Munz, D. Sternkopf and R. Haas 1183
Electrode Tool Wear at Electrical Discharge Machining L. Slătineanu, H.P. Schulze, O. Dodun, M. Coteaţă, L. Gherman and I. Grigoraş (Beşliu) 1189
Applications of the Electro-Contact-Discharge Machining (ECoDM) and the Analysis of Different Process Parts H.P. Schulze 1195
Fully Coupled Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Forming J.K. Doley and S.D. Kore 1201
Effects of the Laser Beam Interaction with the Workpiece Material M. Coteaţă, L. Slătineanu, I. Grigoraş (Beşliu) and N. Pop 1207
Microstructural Modification of Laser-Bent Open-Cell Aluminum Foams L. Santo, D. Bellisario, L. Rovatti and F. Quadrini 1213
Numerical Simulation of Open-Cell Aluminum Foams under Compression F. Quadrini, D. Bellisario, D. Ferrari and L. Santo 1219
Research on Unconventional Methods of Cylindrical Micro-Parts Shaping S. Skoczypiec, M. Grabowski and A. Ruszaj 1225
Characterization of Friction Modified Processing – A Novel Tool for Enhancing Surface Properties in Cast Aluminium Alloys M.S. Węglowski, A. Pietras, S. Dymek and C. Hamilton 1231
Technological and Economical Capabilities of Manufacturing Titanium- and Nickel-Based
Alloys via Electrochemical Machining (ECM)
F. Klocke, M. Zeis and A. Klink 1237
Single Roll Caster Equipped with a Scraper T. Haga, K. Akitsu, K. Kamakura, S. Kumai and H. Watari 1243
Roll Forming Set-Up Influence in the Forming Forces and Profile Quality E.S. de Argandoña, J. Larrañaga, A. Legarda and L. Galdos 1249
Forming Limits for Shrink Flanges of Rubber Formed Parts J. Sinke 1255
Displacement Behavior of Wood in Boss Forming Using Open-Die Wood Forging S. Kajikawa, T. Iizuka and K. Yamaishi 1261
Machining and Cutting
Dynamic Simulation of the Micro-Milling Process Including Minimum Chip Thickness and Size Effect F. Ducobu, E. Rivière-Lorphèvre and E. Filippi 1269
Experimental and Numerical Determination of Cutting Forces and Temperatures in Gear Hobbing S. Stark, M. Beutner, F. Lorenz, T. Lampke, B. Karpuschewski and T. Halle 1275
Material Parameter Identification from Machining Simulations Using Inverse Techniques A. Shrot and M. Bäker 1281
Hardness-Based Flow Stress for Numerical Simulation of Machining Inconel 718 Alloy D. Umbrello, S. Caruso and G. Rotella 1287
Crack Investigation of the Multilayer TiN/Ti Coatings during the Nanoindentation Test K. Perzyński and Ł. Madej 1293
Numerical-Experimental Correlation of Distortions Induced by Machining Process on Thin-Walled Nickel Super Alloy Forged Components A. del Prete, A.A. de Vitis and R. Franchi 1299
Tool Engage Investigation in Nickel Superalloy Turning Operations A. del Prete, A.A. de Vitis, L. Filice, S. Caruso and D. Umbrello 1305
Cutting Speed-Feed Based Parametric Model for Macro-Geometrical Deviations in the Dry Turning of UNS A92024 Al-Cu Alloys J.M. Sánchez-Sola, M. Batista, J. Salguero, Á. Gómez and M. Marcos 1311
Machinability Study Using Chip Thickness Ratio on Difficult to Cut Metals by CBN Cutting Tool S. Thamizhmanii and H. Sulaiman 1317
Performance Evaluation of Cryogenically Treated Worn CBN Insert by Turning Process S. Thamizhmanii, K. Rajendran, M. Rasool and H. Sulaiman 1323
Using Image Analysis Techniques for Single Evaluation of the Chip Shrinkage Factor in Orthogonal Cutting Process M. Batista, M. Calamaz, F. Girot, J. Salguero and M. Marcos 1329
White and Dark Layer Analysis Using Response Surface Methodology G. Ambrogio, S. di Renzo, F. Gagliardi and D. Umbrello 1335
Development of a Calorimeter to Determine the Chip Heat in Drilling of C45EN B. Denkena, C. Ammermann and D. Niederwestberg 1341
Investigation on Surface Integrity of STAVAX ESR AISI 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel by Cryogenically Treated Steel Balls with Low Plastic Burnishing Tool S. Thamizhmanii, K. Rajendran, M. Rasool and H. Sulaiman 1347
Influence of Grinding on the Surface Properties of Cemented Carbides K. Andreas, U. Engel and M. Merklein 1353
Effect of Convex Sheared Punch Geometry on Cutting Force of Ultra-High-Strength Steel K. Kutuniva, J.A. Karjalainen and K. Mäntyjärvi 1359
Cutting Force Prediction in Drilling of Anisotropic Materials T. Matsumura, S. Tamura and P. Arrazola 1365
Laser Assisted Cutting of Abrasion Resistant Steel J. Kantola, K. Mäntyjärvi and J.A. Karjalainen 1371
Design an Apparatus for Obtaining to High Precision Surface of Miniature Parts Based on Magnetized Abrasive Grains Finishing Process H. Montazerolghaem and E. Soltani 1377
Application of Mechanical Vibration in the Machine Building Technology P. Sędek and M.S. Węglowski 1383
Integrated Design, Modelling and Reliability Assessment in Forming (I-DMR)
Design of Lightweight Composite Structures: A Parameter Free Structural Optimization Approach M. Fischer, H. Masching, M. Firl and K.U. Bletzinger  1391
A Reliability Study on the Structural Performance Prediction of Reinforced Aluminium Panels with Respect to Variations in Input Parameters of Numerical Simulations R.M. Ferreira Paulo, F. Teixeira Dias and R.A.F. Valente  1397
Numerical Simulations of Clay Tiles Compression J. Vignes, F. Schmidt, G. Dusserre, O. de Almeida and J.F. Dalmasso  1403

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