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7th International Conference on Sheet Metal

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Sheet Metal

The 7th International Conference on Sheet Metal took place September 27th - September 28th, 1999 in Erlangen. An impression of the covered topics can be gained from the table of content of the proceedings. If you would like to take a look at the abstracts, these and further information regarding that conference can be found here.

Table of Content

Technology in Metallforming - The Issues for UK Industry Baker, R.  3
Progress during safe, reproducible Drawing Process for Car Body Manufacturing Neugebauer, R.  11
Sheet Metal Working in Bronze Age and Iron Age in Southern Central Europe J. Fries-Knoblach  23
Manufacturing Systems
PRISM - a EUREKA Collaborative Project to Improve the Production of Sheet Metal Products using novel CIME Techniques Merryweather, H.  37
Skill Shortage in the Metalforming Industry Pattinson, J.; Shirvani, B.  45
Shape Optimization of Sheet Metal Parts in a Flexible Production Environment Dirksen, U.; Austerhoff, N.; Maevus, F.; Kleiner, M.  53
Integration of CAD/CAM-Systems with STEP for Laser Material Processing Geiger, M.; Kach, A.  61
Investment Criteria for Metalforming Machinery O´Neill, G.; Shirvani, B.  69
Platforms: Engineering Panacea, Marketing Disaster? Wells, P.  75
New Boundaries for Companies in the Sheet Metal Industry Griffiths, J.; Shirvani, B.  83
Automotive Supply Chain - Issues for SMEs Shirvani, B.; Griffiths,J.  91
The System for the Sheet Metal Forming Design Zimniak, Z.  99
Quality and Reliability
Uncertainty of Coordinate Measurements on Sheet Metal Parts in Automotive Industry Weckenmann, A.; Knauer, M.; Killmaier  109
Identifying Variation in Sheet Metal Stamping Doolan, M.; Cardew-Hall, M.; Kalyanasundaram, S.; Hodgson, P.  117
Selective Measuring of Freeform Surfaces for the Quality Assurance and the Selective Maintenance of Forming Dies Pfeifer, T.; Imkamp, D.; Glombitza, M.  125
Modelling with FEM
Improved Tool Design for Fine Blanking through the Application of Numerical Modelling Techniques Klocke, F.; Sweeney, K.  135
Simulation of the Slitting Process with the Finite Element Method Wisselink, H. H.; Huétink, J.  243
Finite Element Analysis of Sheet-Metal Punching Processes Hambli, R.; Potiron, A.  153
Process modelling for Air Bending: Equilibrium model and FEM-simulation Streppel, A. H.; Lutters, D.; Kals, H. J. J.  161
Process Modelling for Air Bending: Validation by Experiments and Simulations Streppel, A. H.; Lutters, D.; Kals, H. J. J.  169
Numerical and Experimental Study of Plane Bending of Metal-rubber Strips Boscher, D.; Gaspérini, M.; Maier, C.  177
A Numerical and Experimental Investigation into the Manufacturing Process of thin-walled Square Tubes Laubscher, R. F.; Snyman, C. J.  185
Analysis of Local Loads on the Draw Die Profile with Regard to Wear using the FEM and Experimental Investigations Hortig, D.; Schmoeckel, D.  183
Numerical Simulations in Optimisation of Product and Forming Process Pepelnjak, T.; Gantar, G.; Kuzman, K.  203
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Non-axisymmetrical Deep Drawing Ceretti, E.; Giardini, C.; Maccarini, G.; Bugini, A.  211
Condition Monitoring, Control and Diagnostics
Optimisation of the Deep-Drawing Process with Acoustic Emission Spur, G.; Uhlmann, E.; Scholz, M.  221
Innovative High-Performance Process for Dry Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Armatures and its Integrated On-Line Cleanliness Examination Behrning, S.; Bley, H.; Joergens, S.  229
Optical Strain Testing of Laser-joined Sheet Steels Haferkamp, H.; Niemeyer, M.; von Alvensleben, F.; Goede, M.; Schmid, C.; Hsöfemann, M.; Bormann, A.  239
Determination of Forming Limit Diagramms using an Optical Measurement System Galanulis, K.; Hofmann, A.  245
Online Quality Control of Laser Welding with line-scanning IR-Detection Tönshoff, H. K.; von Alvensleben, F.; Ostendorf, A.; Hillers, O.  253
Materials, Testing and Surfaces
Sheet Metal Forming of Magnesium Wrought Alloys - Formability and Process Technology Doege, E.; Dröder, K.  263
Mechanical Properties of Structures of Semifinished Products joined to Aluminium Foams Bernard, T.; Burzer, J.; Bergmann, H. W.  271
Tailored Blanks with Foamable Aluminium Sandwich Material Braune, R.; Otto, A.  279
Laser Forming of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - Microstructural Investigation Merklein, M.; Hennige, T.  285
Optimised Work Piece Properties in Sheet Metal Forming Processes by the Use of High Strength Steels Kolleck, R.; Rauer, J.; Weidner, T.; Kleiner, M.  295
Surface Characterization with Regard to the Tribological Behaviour of Sheet Metal in Forming Processes Popp, U.; Neudecker, T.; Engel, U.; Geiger, M.  303
Behavior of Sheet Metal submitted to Cyclic Bending and Stationary Drawing Deformation Ferran, G.; de Almeida, M. A. C.; Lancellotti, M.  311
A new Technological Proofing Method for Sheet Metal Materials Hennig, R.  319
Presses and Press Tools
Rapid Tooling Approaches for Small Lot Production of Sheet Metal Parts Müller, H.  329
Pressline and Press Tool Simulation Linner, S.; Wunsch, A.  339
Numerical Modelling of the Generation of Active Surfaces of Deep Drawing Dies Tabacaru, V.; Oancea, N.  345
Cutting and Joining
Pulsed Mode Laser Cutting of Sheets for Tailored Blanks Bagger, C.; Olsen, F.  355
Joining of Cellular & Stratified Laminates for Light Construction and Thermal-acoustic Insulation Hanebuth, H.; Dötzer, A.; Nielsen, K.; Grønning Sørensen, K  363
Contour Cutting of Pre-Formed Parts with Abrasive Waterjet Using 3-Axis Nozzle Control Duflou, J. R.; Kruth, J.-P.; Bohez, E. L.  373
Welding and Cutting of Thin Sheet Materials with a High Beam Quality and High Average Power Continuous Wave Nd: YAG Laser Naeem, M.; Läßiger, B.  381
Light-weight Structures by Laser Beam Joining for Future Applications in Automobile and Aerospace industry Schubert, E.; Klassen, M.; Zerner, I.; Walz, C.; Sepold, G.  389
Hybrid Technology Laser Beam - Arc Welding Dilthey, U.; Wischemann, A.  399
Non-Vacuum-Electron-Beam-Welding Dilthey, U.; Behr, W.  407
Adhesive Bonding of Stainless Steels Budde, L.; Lüschen, R.; Hennemann, O.-D.  415
Survey of Mechanical Fastening Techniques for Use in Sheet Metal Roderick, I.  423
Laser Beam Cutting of Aluminium Alloy Faerber, M.  431
Materials and Modelling
Mathematical Modelling of Laser Assisted Deep Drawing Schuöcker, D.  439
On the Prediction of Springback in Vee Bending of Metallic Sheets under Plane Strain Condition Date, P.; Narasimhan, K.; Maiti, S.K.; Singh, U.P.  447
Predicting Defect formation from the Analysis of Shape Parameters Antonelli, D.; Chiabert, P.  457
Prediction of Ductile Fracture in Metal Blanking Goijaerts, A. M.; Govaert, L. E.; Baaijens, F. P. T.  465
Relationship Between Work Hardening Characteristics Samek, R.  473
Experimental Verification of Simulation Results in Sheet Metal Forming Hennig, R.  479
On Formation of Evalutional Constitutive Equations for Finite Elasto-plastic Strains Novokshanov, R. S.; Rogovoy, A. A.  487
Micro Forming with Local Part Heating by Laser Irradiation in Transparent Tools Schmoeckel, D.; Schepp, F.; Erhardt, R.  497
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Miniaturization of Lead Frames by Asymmetrical Etching Visser, A.; Buhlert, M.  505
FE-Simulation of Micro-Bending Pucher, H.-J.  513
Size Effect in Processing of Thin Metal Sheets Raulea, L. V.; Govaert, L. E.; Baaijens, F. P. T.  521
Specific Characteristics of Micro Sheet Metal Working Eckstein, R.; Geiger, M.; Engel, U.  529
Generation and forming of spray formed flat products Brinksmeier, E.; Schünemann, M.  539
An Analysis of Spinning of Light Sheet Metal Quigley, E.; Monaghan, J.  547
Flexible Forming of Sheet Metal using Plasma Arc Male, A. T.; Li, P. J.; Chen, Y. W.; Zhang, Y. M.  555
Production Method on Pipe of Thin-spring Steel Sheet Ona, H.; Watari, H.; Nakako, T.  561
Improvement of Deep Drawability of Metallic Foil Cups Marumo, Y.; Saiki, H.; Onoue, A.  569
Feasibility of Warm Drawing of Aluminium Products Bolt, P. J.  575
Thermodrilling - Fundamentals of a new Production Technology Tikal, F.; Lopes, J. C. O.; Vollmer, Ch.  581
Hydroforming Of Sheet Metal Pairs From Aluminium Alloys Novotny, S.; Hein, P.  591
Manufacturing System for the Integrated Hydroforming, Trimming and Welding of Sheet Metal Pairs Kreis, O.; Hein, P.  599
Hydroforming Lücke, U.; Hartl, Ch.  607
Aspects of Process Controlling and Process Monitoring in Hydroforming Neugebauer, R.; Heinrich, J.; Meier, H.  615
Closed-form solution for bulging through elliptical dies Banabic, D.  623

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