Surface Analysis Module - SAM V. 2.6

WinSAM, Technical Description

The characterisation of technical surfaces has been for many years a main focus of the scientific work of the Chair of Manufacturing Technology of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In this period, the powerful software SAM for Windows (WinSAM) has been developed, which makes possible the visualisation and numerical characterisation of captured three-dimensional surfaces.

WinSAM is being developed for the characterisation of textured sheet metal, as used, for example, in the automotive industry. Since the customary 2D roughness parameters for description of the tribological properties of metal surfaces in forming processes are only adequate in part, 3D surface parameters are being developed, which permit a functional characterisation.

Today WinSAM is qualified for characterisation of technical surfaces from various application areas. With it, data sets from differing measuring instrument producers can be read in, and prepared for analysis. In addition to numerous visualisation possibilities, single profiles and complete surfaces can be evaluated and quantified in terms of 2D and 3D parameters.

WinSAM was developed with the intention of automatically analysing surfaces in an industrial environment, and rapidly presenting the relevant results in a manner freely definable by the user.

The automatic analysis of multiple data sets is made possible via control files. All results can be stored in a database for statistical evaluation or as text files.


  • Preparation of topographical data
    • Data import from several manufacturers
    • Data import of generic formats
    • Production of topography
  • Data preparation
    • Mirror or rotate data set
    • Adjust resolution
    • Stitch data sets
    • Remove measurement artefacts
  • Filter data (2D or 3D)
    • Moving average filter
    • Polynomial levelling
    • Fourier filter
    • Sphere filter
  • Evaluate data
    • False colour or 3D display
    • Profile segments
    • 2D evaluations on profiles
    • 3D evaluations with surface calculations
    • Fourier transformation
    • Planar autocorrelation
    • Flank angle and gradient calculation
    • Fractal dimensions
  • Output documentation
    • Freely definable evaluation record
    • Display export to graphics programmes
    • Save to file or database


WinSAM is available free as a functional but time-limited DEMO-version from the Chair of Manufacturing Technology of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. To get this version, please get in contact with the responsible coworker.

The full version of WinSAM, with possibilities for individual customisation and implementation, is available for a licence fee. Further information from:

M. Sc. Philipp Frey
Telephone: +49 9131 85-28309
Telefax: +49 9131 85-27141

You may also contact us using Email: winsam@lft.uni-erlangen.de