Rough schedule

  March 13th March 14th March 15th March 16th
08:00   Registration    
08:30 Opening
09:00 Keynote Presentations Keynote Presentations Keynote and Prize Winner Presentations
10:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30 Minisymposia Minisymposia Keynote and Prize Winner Presentations
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Lunch Lunch Minisymposia
13:00 Minisymposia Minisymposia
13:20 Lunch
13:50 Minisymposia
14:20 Coffee Break Coffee Break
14:50 Minisymposia Minisymposia
15:10 Coffee Break
15:40 Minisymposia
16:20 Coffee Break
16:30 Coffee Break
16:50 Minisymposia
17:00 Early Registration Esaform Assembly End of Conference
18:00 BoD Meeting End of Day 2  
18:10 End of Day 1
Evening BoD Dinner Civic Reception Conference Dinner

There will be 6 parallel sessions. All 6 sessions will close on Friday at 17:00 hours.
The ESAFORM election will start on Wednesday after the opening. The election will end after lunch on Thursday.
A more detailed plan on the sessions and a little later on presentation scheduling will be provided here shortly.