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Laser implantation of press hardening tools to influence the tribological and thermal properties for the process application (DFG ME 2043/68-2)

Project Status: Active


Hot stamping has been established as a suitable and resource efficient process to manufacture high-strength and lightweight body-in-white components. However, the part production is limited by friction and wear due to high thermo-mechanical tool stresses during the forming operation. Therefore, the overall aim of this research project is to modify the tool surface by using a laser implantation process, in order to influence the thermal, mechanical and tribological interactions at the blank-die interface. This surface engineering technology is based on a localized dispersing of hard ceramic particles, in order to generate elevated, dome-shaped highly wear-resistant microfeatures on the tool surface.

Within the first project phase (DFG ME 2043/68-1), basic requirements regarding the implant geometry as well as highly stressed tool areas were identified via numerical simulations. Moreover, different ceramic materials were embedded, subsequently analyzed regarding to their geometrical and mechanical properties and finally tested under hot stamping conditions. The conducted experiments have shown that laser-implanted tool surfaces reveal a significantly higher wear resistance and reduced friction coefficients in contrast to conventional tool surfaces due to the limited contact area as well as the high fraction of ceramic particles, which abate the formation of adhesive wear. The improved tribological behavior has finally been proven by using an industry-related tool geometry for hot stamping rectangular cups.

Against this background, further analyses will be initiated in a second project phase, in order to identify the cause-effect relations between surface properties, friction and wear behavior under varying stress states. In cooperation with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, tailored patterns of laser-implanted microfeatures will be created for specific load cases. Afterwards, tribological experiments will be carried out under hot stamping conditions to verify the effectiveness of this surface engineering technology.

Investigation of the tribological performance by using laser-implanted tool surfaces

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