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E|RoW - Automated process chain for manufacturing and balancing of rotor-shaft assemblies of traction systems for electric vehicles

Project Status: finished


The substitution of traditional process steps (grinding of the shaft as preparation for joining, high-effort packaging) and product components (shaft nut, heaving disc) and the shortening of the process chain of rotor production is the goal of this research process. Subgoals are the development and implementation of a completely new process chain for the production and heaving of rotor-shaft joints of traction systems of electric vehicles.

To this end an integrated and coordinated automatization of critical and especially for the quality relevant process steps like the magnet assembly, magnet fixation and heaving has to be developed. The process chain can be shortened and simplified by the development of a new joining operation of the sheet metal packages to the shaft because grinding and thermal shrink-on can be substituted. The inclusion of the initial blanking operation of the electro sheet metal is of high importance for the efficient investigation of the joining process and the following process steps of magnet assembly and heaving. The quality of the sheared edge has an influence on the following process steps and the product quality regarding electrical performance. The systematic investigation of material and component properties and characteristic values (mechanically and electrically) is a further goal.

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