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Manufacturing of tailored blanks by orbital forming and flexible rolling (DFG SFB/TR73 - A1/1)

Project Status: finished


The production of semi-finished products is realized by the manufacturing processes orbital forming and flexible rolling. Besides rotational symmetric tailored blanks, the manufacturing of cyclic symmetric and asymmetric tailored blanks with a defined sheet thickness distribution is object of current researches. For this purpose, a defined movement of the material with on the one hand a local sheet thickness reduction and on the other hand a local sheet thickness increase has to be realized. Main aspects regarding this topic is the realization of higher sheet thickness gradients as well as small, locally restricted material thickenings. Two materials, a mild deep drawing steel and a high-strength steel are used for these investigations. In addition to the ad-justment of a defined sheet thickness, cur-rent investigations are targeting the di-rected adaption of the mechanical proper-ties by specifically altering the process pa-rameters. This can be used to realize a local strain hardening in selected areas of the tailored blank.


2014 TR73 A1 hd

Geometric properties and strain hardening of tailored blanks manufactured by orbital forming

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