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3 Roll Bending of free-formed tubes and pipelines

Project Status: finished


Bended pipelines find a widespread applica-tion in several industrial sectors. Among different bending processes developed for the manufacture of such components, 3 roll bending is characterized by a high flexibil-ity, as only one toolkit per tube diameter is necessary to form the required bending ra-dius. In this type of bending process the part geometry is obtained by means of a relative movement of the die setting roll towards the fixed tool bending and holding roll with simultaneous feeding of the tube. The research project aims at a better understanding of the three roll bending process. In order to reach this aim, FE-Simulation is used to investigate the forming zone and the parameters affecting it and to quantify the stresses acting in the material and the re-sulting strains. The objective of this work is to realize an FE-based model of the forming process able to set and control the tube bending automatically, predicting the tool setting necessary to achieve the required part geometry and allowing for a relevant reduction of the machine set-up time.

Bending die of the three-roll-push bending machine Crippa CA linear 925 E (left), exemplary freeform bending geometry (right)

Bending die of the three-roll-push bending machine Crippa CA linear 925 E (left), exemplary freeform bending geometry (right)

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