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Layered Lightweight Materials with Functional Gradients

Project Status: finished


Within the second funding period of the Cluster of Excellence "Engineering of Advanced Materials" (EAM) the realization of property gradients in thickness direction of sheets using a laser heat treatment is analyzed in this project. This should lead to a reduction of delamination effects during forming operations of multilayered high-strength aluminum manufactured in the Accumulative Roll Bonding process. In combination with a local heat treatment over the plane according to the Tailored Heat Treated Blanks technology it is possible to generate materials with process-adapted property gradients in thickness direction and over the plane. In a first study regarding multilayered pure aluminum the realization of different property profiles over the sheet thickness using a Nd:YAG laser was analyzed depending on the laser parameters and different numbers of layers. In the figure below the influence of the laser power on the microhardness distribution of ARB processed sheets with six rolling cycles is shown exemplarily.



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