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Determination of characteristic values of materials for sheet metal forming

Project Status: Active


Material testing is used to determine characteristic values which are needed as input parameters in finite element simulations. The material values can be determined with a multitude of tests, e.g. tension tests, compression tests, Nakajima tests, shear tests and bending tests as well as tests with load reversal.  Modern and complex yield criteria, for example the Barlat 2000 criterion, require the yield point under biaxial loading. The biaxial tensile test can therefore be used to achieve an additional data point in the first quadrant of the yield locus, which describes the point of plastic yielding under different loading conditions. At the LFT, a testing device was developed, in which the arms of a cruciform specimen can be subjected to a tensile load. Equibiaxial tension is achieved if the tensile forces at the end of the cruciform specimen are chosen equally. There are also other balances of forces possible. The strain distribution in the middle of the specimen is detected with an optical strain measurement system using a CCD camera.



Cruciform specimen and testing device for biaxial tensile test (developed at the LFT)

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